Sapphire Engagement Rings for a New Generation of Romantics

Ready to Ship Engagement Rings- Ethical and handmade

Here at Dana Walden Jewelry, we take the sourcing of conflict-free diamonds very seriously. But we’ve noticed a trend: Socially-conscious brides are rethinking diamond engagement jewelry and exploring sapphires as an alternative. At the forefront of timeless-yet-distinctive bridal jewelry design, Dana Walden released THE AURA OF SAPPHIRES, a brand-new line of ready-to-ship, handmade sapphire engagement rings designed to appeal to the artistic and discerning bride.

Fact is, there’s much more to sapphires than just the deep, blue hues you’re used to seeing. It turns out that the gemstones (rated 2nd to diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness) come in an astounding array of shades that are infinitely wearable.

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pale sapphire and blue sapphire engagement ring

Shown above: ATHENA Champagne Sapphire Ring ($4100) and TILLARY Blue Sapphire Ring ($4100)

For example, shown above are ATHENA and TILLARY. ATHENA is a champagne sapphire set in yellow gold and TILLARY is a deep blue sapphire set in rose gold. You can see how the Dana Walden setting changes to accommodate each handpicked stone. This is the case for every engagement ring we make, as every ring is handmade and tailored to the gemstones being used. As a result every ring is truly one-of-a-kind.

A parcel of colorful sapphires

Some Sapphire Facts

Courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA):

  • Sapphires are in the mineral family Corundum.
  • Sapphires can be mined in every color but red (a red stone in the Corundum family is a ruby). 
  • Non-blue sapphires like the ones featured in our AURA OF SAPPHIRES line of engagement rings are known as “fancy sapphires.”
  • Sapphires have a Mohs Scale rating of 9, making them the second hardest gemstone on the scale. Diamonds are the first.
  • Sapphire is so durable that synthetic sapphire is often used for the windows of spacecraft.

Symbolism & Lore

Blue sapphires are widely known as the birthstone for September. Historically, sapphires have symbolized faithfulness and nobility. Despite the fate of their relationship, the most well-known representation of the blue sapphire as a symbol of nobility would probably have to be the sapphire engagement ring that Lady Diana Spencer selected to wear when she was engaged to Prince Charles in 1981. At the time, the 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in white gold with a white-diamond halo was considered nontraditional for an engagement ring. But perhaps the popularity of the ring is more synonymous with the beloved wearer than anything else, as Diana herself truly loved the ring and continued to wear it even after her divorce. Prince William would famously propose to Kate Middleton with the same ring years later as a way of keeping the memory of his late mother close during the festivities of his wedding.

Certainly the design has captivated jewelry lovers all over the world through the years. One Dana Walden client commissioned us to create a modified, modern version of the famous blue sapphire design. LONDON was the result of that project.

London sapphire engagement ring inspired by Kate Middleton and Lady Di

Shown: LONDON is the DW take on the classic and famous “Princess Diana” engagement ring now worn by Kate Middleton. It is priced at $15,000 but a version can be created with a lab-created sapphire for about $6000. Inquire for more information.

Sapphires in 2020: New Classics for a New Generation of Brides

Ready to Ship Sapphire Engagement Rings by Dana Walden Jewelry

Known for their expertise in handcrafting fine jewelry with responsibly-sourced sapphires in every color, Dana Walden Jewelry is at the forefront of catering to the bride who is seeking a responsibly-sourced ring she can feel good about wearing as a symbol of her love. Diamonds are engagement ring staples, and that cannot be denied. But, for many, the historical implications of diamonds in engagement rings also cannot be denied.

Enter Dana and Rad Chin of Dana Walden Jewelry, and a breathtaking parcel of fancy sapphires that would become fodder for a new line of timeless-yet-distinctive engagement rings. Fact is, most people want to believe in love and commitment and most people are fine with having talismans and symbols of that love.  So, to that end, why not take these personality-filled, masterfully-cut gemstones and artfully place them into well-crafted and timeless settings.

Affordable sapphire engagement ring designs

Nontraditional brides don’t have to veer all the way over to an overstated cocktail ring when choosing the piece of jewelry they’ll be wearing every day. Pale sapphires can be a durable and versatile alternative to diamonds that create truly one-of-a-kind pieces, as this generation of romantics begin to seek out their bridal jewelry.

sapphire engagement rings paired with wedding bands

Imagine with us for a moment, any of these beautifully curated bridal “sets” on your hand. The PIETRA Pale Pink Sapphire Ring paired with a NOEL rose gold wedding band is a textured and detail-rich pair with visual interest at every angle and turn.

Pietra sapphire ring held with tongs

Shown: PIETRA Pale Pink Sapphire Ring

Or the pristine and modern REMI Peach-Pink Sapphire paired with a scrolling vine design. The ZINNIA Lilac-Pink Sapphire ring paired with the ARDEN Eternity Band is all at once lively and colorful while being inherently traditional. And the pale champagne center stone of ATHENA paired with an altogether classic “plain gold ring” wedding band (ELDRIDGE) juxtaposes details inspired by global design alongside a timeless, American symbol of eternal love.


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