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Reviews + Testimonials

I knew my fiancee wanted a classic, timeless ring. For the design, I had some rough ideas of how I wanted to keep her vision while also making the ring unique and Dana and Rad helped guide me in the right direction and visualize what the ring would look like. They gave their own design suggestions and were genuinely invested in what the ring would look like.

Dana and Rad are extremely good at what they do, and I knew I could trust them to make a beautiful ring - which they did! We look forward to working with them again for our wedding bands next year.

Kailash G.

Getting engaged to... myself (!!!) with a Kelsie aquamarine solitaire from DW and couldn't be more thrilled. Aquamarine is my birthstone and some of the first jewelry I ever wore (gifted by my parents) was aqua. The cut of the stone is amazing and even though it is 1ct it really does pack a punch!

It's such a privilege to have worked with Dana and Rad to celebrate myself and my accomplishments, in what has really been such a difficult year for us all. I'll wear it as a reminder of everything I've overcome this year, and as a symbol of the fact that I am thriving, in spite of everything.

Thank you for all you do, Dana and Rad!

Tabitha S.

Can I give them 100 stars?! I'm not even sure where to start this review...working with Dana and Rad to create our engagement ring was honestly one of the best decisions we've ever made! We are from Boston and I quickly knew none of the local jewelers could provide what I was looking for-- most of the rings we saw were very generic and clunky. Dana and Rad walked us through their design philosophy and process while showing us some of their rings so we could see what they were talking about in person. This whole meeting was incredible! can't wait to come back for our wedding bands!

Lea H.

My experience with the team was first-rate, primarily as it was handled virtually. There were never too many questions that one could ask. My every whim was answered. Every part of my collaboration was memorable. I am already planning my next purchase! Heirloom quality for sure!

Hadiya B.

Working with Dana and Rad is like hanging out with a very cool, very creative couple at a party. They're experienced, knowledgeable, oh-so-cultured and mature and still manage to make strangers feel like old friends.

Dana and Rad listened to my suggestions, assuaged my fears, tolerated my poorly worded descriptions and managed to deliver exactly what both I and my fiancé wanted.

My fiancé and I were so thrilled with their work that we're going back for our wedding bands! I cannot say enough about these two. They are talents, craftsmen and masters.


The very best!

I set out looking for a custom engagement ring, but as I went to places I noticed two things. Firstly,  most places were quick to make a sale, not understanding the idea of shopping around. Secondly, the idea of custom engagement rings is subjective at best. When I would say I wanted a custom ring they would show me some of their rings. I would point at elements of different rings that interested me, and get a swift response of being able to combine it to make my ring. This may not be a problem for some, but I was hoping for more.

Enter Dana and Rad, and all the sudden my ring buying experience changed. I set up an appointment with a general guideline of what I was looking for, and had a time a few weeks later. They had some of the most beautifully designed rings out on display. Looking at Rad and Dana's work, and talking to them helped clarify my desired ring. I bounced ideas off of them, and in turn they made a few wonderful suggestions that perfectly fit with what I wanted.

Brendan T.

This review is long overdue! My partner and I initially came to Dana and Rad while we were in the market for an engagement ring. I had found them online and loved their vintage and custom ring options so we set up an appointment via email and met them in person a few weeks later.

Being that neither of us were ring aficionados we appreciated how patient they were with answering all of our questions. They were completely relaxed with their approach which made us feel extremely at ease. We were able to try an array of rings as well as look over different stones. The quality was fantastic and we were impressed with the ethics behind their business.

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Dana and Rad. They are in short, fantastic!

Lumiere S.

Like most men, I was totally lost as to what type of ring would look great on my fiance, and I also did not have a great idea of exactly how to evaluate diamonds.

With just a little bit of information about the ring styles my fiance liked, Dana and Rad were able to show me some beautiful settings, and walk me through the diamond selection process. They were careful not to overwhelm me with too many selections, and I could tell that they were working hard to get me the best ring they could, given my price range.

The end product was phenomenal - my finance could not have been happier, and she's received non-stop compliments on the ring.

Rajeev D.