Custom Diamond Sourcing

Shopping for a diamond can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. One of the major challenges to finding the perfect stone is determining how to predict a diamond's beauty & value, by examining the 4 C's on paper. The truth is, the only way to gauge a diamond's beauty is to actually seem them, side by side. After all, how can you understand what a "G" color looks like, if not viewed next to an "H color" or an "F" color?  We believe that there is no better way to choose a diamond than under the guidance of a trusted expert, who will walk you through each stone and help you make the best decision.

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At Dana Walden Bridal, we've streamlined the diamond selecting process by pre-screening the finest conflict-free diamonds for you to view virtually (hi-res photos and high quality video) or in person at our NYC studio. Dana & Rad will select diamonds especially for you, based on your individual preferences, while applying their own professional standards for beauty, sparkle, and value. Most importantly, all of the diamonds we show you will be in your price range, alleviating any pressure or potential for upselling. This specialized approach allows our clients to maximize their budgets by choosing a diamond that speaks to them, under the guidance of the very artisans that will be designing and creating their engagement ring.  

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How to Get Started

Email us at to make an inquiry about Custom Diamond Sourcing. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Budget Range 
  • Ideal Carat Weight
  • Setting Choice - Tell us which of our Dana Walden settings you'd like your diamond to go into or describe the custom setting you envision for your ring.
  • Diamond Preferences - Explain in words what you'd like your diamond to look like, including your priorities (i.e. largest stone in price range, whitest color, faint yellow color with maximum sparkle, etc)
  • Deadline for Shipment
  • Preferred Days/Times for Appointment - Let us know if you'd like to meet virtually or in person. In person appointments will require proof of vaccination.
  • Phone Number and alternate email addresses (if any)

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