Lifetime Warranty

At Dana Walden Bridal, we promise to partner with you for a lifetime. Our partnership starts the day you purchase one of Dana & Rad's exquisitely crafted designs—we will walk you through proper care and teach you how to keep your rings beautiful for years to come.

Sienna Unique Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring - NYC

We offer free annual cleanings for every piece of Dana Walden Bridal jewelry. If you're ever in need of a repair (and most folks do need a repair every now and then, so don't panic!), we're always happy to service your ring. The price of your repair will vary depending on the severity of damage, and we always try our hardest to keep charges as inexpensive as possible.

P.S. We strongly recommend the purchase of independent insurance for your engagement ring. If you need some advice or suggestions, just send us a quick email.