Dana Walden Lifetime Jewelry & Engagement Ring Warranty

When you commission a piece from Dana + Rad, you are essentially becoming a part of our family. We appreciate your loyalty and are committed to ensuring that your fine jewelry maintains its beauty and integrity for years to come. You can rest assured that all of our jewelry is impeccably designed and fabricated by hand. Dana + Rad personally inspect every piece before delivery and walk you through proper care and storage.
Conflict-free diamond solitaire engagement ring by Dana Walden Bridal

Every Dana Walden piece comes with a Lifetime Warranty. When we create a precious jewel for you, we see ourselves as partners in the ongoing care and maintenance of your handmade fine jewelry. While we trust that you will treat your fine jewelry with care, your Dana Walden Jewelry will require special maintenance from time to time and you will always have a place to come to for professional cleaning, inspections, restorations and repairs.

three diamond solitaire engagement rings by Dana Walden

Our Lifetime Warranty fully covers the cost of any manufacturer’s defect, which will be verified by inspection. Dana Walden Jewelry is made to be durable but our pieces are not impervious to trauma. If your jewelry has incurred damage resulting from everyday wear-and-tear or otherwise accidental damage, we're happy to service your piece for a fair and reasonable price. Rest assured, we will not begin any work on your piece until you’ve given us approval to do so. Upon inspection of your piece we’ll touch base with you to communicate next steps and any applicable cost for repairs that may not be covered by this warranty.

Unique sapphire engagement rings by Dana Walden Jewelry

If there are any issues or concerns with your Dana Walden fine jewelry, please reach out to us first, preferably by email at sales@danawaldenbridal.com. And, please be advised that having your Dana Walden jewelry serviced elsewhere may void this Lifetime Warranty.

Thank you for trusting us to create your special piece of fine jewelry. If you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch and we’ll work together to figure out the best solution.





P.S. - We strongly recommend the purchase of independent insurance for your engagement ring. If you need some advice or suggestions, just reach out and we're happy to help!

Updated: 1/22/2021