Introducing a Very-Special New Design from Dana & Rad

Introducing a Very-Special New Design from Dana & Rad

Dana and Rad - Engagement Ring Designers - NYC

The husband-and-wife design team at Dana Walden Jewelry has been creating together for over a decade. "We work well together because we have a shared vision, but we work in very different ways," explains DW co-founder and creative director Rad Chin. "We respect each other’s strengths."

This Valentine's Day, the two share a rare behind-the-scenes look at their process and what it's like to work together as a married couple. You can view that Designer Q&A here. "Rather than stepping on each other’s toes," says co-founder and designer Dana Chin, "we feed off of each other’s energy. It makes us stronger designers, partners, and parents to have to constantly engage in this type of collaboration," he explains. That magical dynamic was on full display with the creation of the brand-new, limited-edition Compass Rose Necklace.

Compass Rose Necklace

Following the birth of their son, Miles, the new parents found themselves having to navigate parenthood- and returning to work as entrepreneurs in New York's competitive jewelry-design industry. Rad felt a shift in her identity as a new mom. "Motherhood is blissful and divine, but it is also exhausting and demanding," Rad shares. "When I learned to trust myself as a mother, everything started to become easier. My creativity and efficiency spiked and I was able to feel centered again."

Dana, Rad and Miles at the Brooklyn Museim

Inspired by her experience as a new mom, Rad spoke to Dana about creating a talisman that would draw on this perspective. Right off the bat, she knew she wanted to see a 14K gold piece that was light and airy; a sort of "forever necklace" that she could leave on all the time as a reminder to always trust her own "inner compass."

The result is this dainty-but-durable piece for anyone who might need to center their energy and tune into their own intuition while navigating everyday life. Now, DW fans and collectors can get this new handmade design in time for Valentine's Day.

"My first Valentine’s Day gift was one filled with pure love, from a father to his daughter. My father gave me my first pair of gold earrings and I still have them to this day," Rad shares. "My dad never missed a Valentine’s Day and now, in our home, Dana has carried on the tradition with Miles and I. We're thrilled to share this very personal design with all of you."

This very special, limited-edition 14K Compass Rose Necklace is priced at $290 (List Price: $400). Click here to purchase.




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