Designer Q&A | Working Together as a Husband-and-Wife Design Team

Designer Q&A | Working Together as a Husband-and-Wife Design Team

As part of our very special Valentine's Day offering, Dana and Rad bring you a behind-the-scenes look at their collaborative process as a husband-and-wife design team. Enjoy this quick Q&A, and make sure you check out our new limited-edition design just for Valentine's Day 2020.



Q: How do you two navigate working together as a husband-and-wife team? 

A: Rad -  We’ve had over a decade of experience working together and we work well together because we have a shared vision, but we work in very different ways. If I sketch something in 2D, Dana may forge it from metal to help it come alive in 3D. When I’m working on curating a new collection, he will come in at the end and help me fine-tune the details. We respect each other’s strengths. 

A: Dana -  I totally agree. Rather than stepping on each other’s toes, we feed off each other’s energy. It makes us stronger designers, partners, and parents to have to constantly engage in this type of collaboration. Working this way doesn’t allow you to go too deep into selfishness because you have to respect the other person’s perspective, even if it’s much different from what it would be if you were working solo.



Q: Any tips on compartmentalizing relationship disagreements when you're in the studio? It can be difficult for couples to work together...

A: Rad - Let's be honest; disagreements are a constant in our partnership. We’re both really strong-willed, so while we like a good collaboration, we also never back down from a fight. That said, every argument ends in a relatively immediate resolution (when Dana admits he's wrong, ha!) Just kidding! We make an effort to make sure work stuff stays at work, and with the deep respect we have for each other, it hasn't been hard to do.







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