Set Your Own Diamond

Use an independently sourced/ self-purchased or heirloom diamond into one of our DANA WALDEN engagement ring settings. Keep reading to find out how.

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YOUR DIAMOND, OUR DESIGNER SETTINGS. Diamond setting or resetting is a creative way to breathe new life into an older or self-purchased diamond that you already have. Refresh a dated design or celebrate an anniversary with a "ring remodel." An engagement ring design "upgrade" makes a wonderful gift for vow renewals, too.

Whether you have an heirloom engagement ring with a bent or broken setting  or you've independently purchased the perfect diamond for you, Dana & Rad are experts at creating extraordinary settings tailored to the exact dimensions of your particular gemstone. Your ring will be made to order and constructed seamlessly with the specifications of your diamond in mind. You can read even more about Diamond Setting or Resetting on our blog, or just make an inquiry with Dana & Rad by filling out the form below.

Diamond re-setting into Dana Walden Signature Designer settings

Use the contact form below to start a conversation about our diamond setting or resetting services. Please include the following information in your message:

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  • Metal Preference

  • Which Dana Walden setting(s) are you interested in?

  • If you'd like a custom setting, send a description/visuals of what you'd like to achieve, or read more about the Custom Ring Design Process

  • Deadline For This Project

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