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The information below is for non-diamond gemstones. If you're looking for diamond sourcing visit our page for Custom Diamond Sourcing.

Creating the perfect non-traditional engagement ring can seem overwhelming- from finding the perfect gem to discovering the perfect setting- but it doesn't have to be. Dana & Rad aren't just skilled designers, they're also avid gem collectors with one of the most impressive sapphire & gemstone libraries in New York City. Many fancy or colorful gemstones have characteristics that are truly one of a kind, and some have color changing properties in different lighting. In fact, many gems (especially sapphires) can be so much more varied than diamonds in terms of cuts, colors, clarity and mineralogy; things that might be considered a flaw or inclusion in a diamond is often a mark of character in a sapphire! But, shopping for non-diamond gemstones is a process that is not as formalized as the systems currently in place for shopping for diamonds. The best way to find the perfect gemstone whether it's a sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, or other precious gem is to work with the guidance of a trusted expert, who will walk you through a suite of professionally vetted ethical stones to help you make the best decision. Working with professional collectors like Dana & Rad at Dana Walden Bridal opens up an exclusive and wide world of possibilities for non-traditional engagement ring designs. Dana & Rad can source just about any gem under the sun, including:

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At Dana Walden, we've streamlined the gem selecting process by pre-screening the finest responsibly-sourced gemstones for you to view virtually (through hi-res photos and high-quality video) or in person at our NYC studio. Dana & Rad will discuss your parameters, hopes and dreams for the perfect gemstone, and select a set of gems that meets those criteria. The gems you review will be selected based on your individual preferences, as well as Dana & Rad's professional standards for beauty, sparkle, & value. Most importantly, all gemstones will be in your established price range, alleviating any pressure to spend more that you intended.  This specialized approach allows our clients to maximize their budgets by choosing a gem that speaks to them, under the guidance of the very artisans that will be creating their ethically handmade engagement ring.  

Please note: We offer complimentary sourcing for all Dana Walden custom engagement ring clients. Learn more about our Custom Engagement Ring Design Process.

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How to Get Started

Email us at to make an inquiry about Custom Gemstone Sourcing. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Budget Range 
  • Ideal Carat Weight 
  • Setting Choice - Tell us which of our Dana Walden settings you'd like your gemstone to go into or describe the custom setting you envision for your ring.
  • Gem Preferences - Explain in words what you'd like your gem to look like, including your priorities (i.e. largest stone in price range, saturated color/hue or light color/hue, maximum sparkle, etc). Tell us desired shape (i.e. round, oval, square), cut (i.e. Asscher, emerald cut, cushion cut, etc)
  • Deadline for Shipment 
  • Preferred Days/Times for Appointment - Let us know if you'd like to meet virtually or in person. In person appointments will require proof of vaccination.
  • Phone Number(s) and alternate email addresses (if any)

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