Romantic Floral-Inspired Engagement Rings

Romantic Floral-Inspired Engagement Rings

Spring is in bloom and we’ve planted a garden of gorgeous nature-inspired engagement ring designs for your romantic warm-weather proposal. You can opt for a more abstract approach to floral with a chunky halo (look for Kendall below) or find more “literal” settings formed with artful leaves and petals right in the setting's design. 

These designs are particularly appropriate for brides with artistic sensibilities or with a notable love of nature. Nontraditional brides might like the idea of getting creative with a timeless setting that integrates the visual interest of flowers in bloom. Of course, floral rings are wonderful for springtime weddings or proposals, as they can serve to encapsulate the season of your anniversary and can more actively remind you of your special day whenever you look at your hand. 

Here, we gather our most popular floral engagement ring designs, all handmade right here in NYC using only ethical gems and fine metals. All gemstones are vetted by Dana and Rad personally; all diamonds are certified conflict-free or lab grown and all sapphires are ethically sourced from a reliable network of vendors. All fine metals are ecofriendly and have no new mining impact.

Hattie Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

Handmade floral-inspired engagement rings

By far, Hattie is one of our most romantic creations. We designed this unique piece around an exquisite 1-carat cushion cut champagne diamond. Custom compass prongs were fashioned to create symmetry and balance while a floral-inspired 14k yellow gold band adorned with six ethical marquise diamonds add sparkle and light. Hattie is ready to ship now in Size 6. Will arrive in 2-3 days as is, but please add 7 days if you need resizing. $4200;

Anastasia Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Flower-shaped diamond halo engagement ring

Anastasia features a dazzling round brilliant center stone that is delicately wrapped in a wreath of 14k rose gold and a halo of small accent diamonds. The ornate design features milgrain details throughout the halo and incorporates a leaf-shaped enclosure on either side of your center stone.  Four gorgeous claw prongs finish the look. Dana and Rad designed this setting to be seamless and ultra-low on the hand, allowing for comfort and ease of wear. $8300 as shown; setting starts at $2900.

SEE ALSO: Milo is an ethical champagne diamond version of the Anastasia ring. $4200 as shown on product page;

Shiloh Morganite Engagement Ring

Art Deco floral engagement ring

This distinctive design evokes the timeless beauty of eras gone by, with an art-deco vibe and details. Shiloh is designed around a pale blush 1.3-carat morganite, with hints of peach. The setting features graceful “leaves” formed from 14k white gold. Ethical diamond accents are scattered throughout the design for amazing shimmer and shine at every turn. This ring is ready to ship now in Size 6. It will ship in 2-3 days unless you need resizing, in which case, please add 7 days to that delivery time. $3500 as shown;

SEE ALSO: Minna is the original 2-carat all-diamond version of teh Shiloh ring pictured above. Minna is $22,650 as shown on product page and setting starts at $3850;

Maiya Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Maiya floral and nature inspired engagement ring

An exquisite 1.50-carat conflict-free oval diamond is at her heart, framed by a seamless halo of delicate micro-pavé. Maiya’s ethereal setting features nature-inspired flourishes and intricate etchings. Maiya was designed to sit ultra-low on the hand, allowing for comfort and ease of wear.  $19,900 as shown;

Mischa Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

Champagne diamond floral engagement ring

Our Mischa halo engagement ring is inspired by whimsical floral bouquets and our favorite Edwardian heirlooms. At her heart is a stunning 1.30-carat champagne diamond with flecks of blush, sienna, and gold. Crafted entirely by hand in 14k yellow gold with a halo of glittering white diamonds, this ring is ready to ship now in Size 5. It will be delivered in 2-3 days as is, or 9-10 days if you need resizing. $5150 as shown.

Abril Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Floral diamond engagement ring

This iconic oval diamond design features a meticulously crafted graduated halo with tipped prongs. This diamond halo engagement ring takes a coveted silhouette and dials up the luxury by placing a fiery, bright 1.50-carat oval diamond at its heart. Meanwhile, 0.35ctw of ethical diamond accents are set in classic 14k yellow gold to finish Abril's seamless, glowing design. $17,900 as shown.

Kendall Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Kendall Diamond cluster engagement ring - floral design

Kendall was inspired by a stately 4-carat ring we were commissioned to create. Dana and Rad wondered how they could achieve a similarly luxe look at a more affordable price point, and Kendall was born of the pursuit. This ring features a glittering 0.70-carat diamond center stone, framed by an opulent, chunky halo of large white diamonds. The end result is a seamless diamond cluster, with the show-stopping face of a much larger diamond. The larger-than-typical diamonds used in this halo results in a cluster that is abstractly evocative of a bloom. $8400 as shown; setting starts at $5000.

Valencia Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

floral diamond engagement ring

Dana & Rad are intrigued by themes of multiplicity found in their favorite works of art–from Buddhist mandalas, to Minimalist sculptures, to Minoan frecos. Valencia is inspired by this affinity, combining a series of marquise shapes in halo formation, around a singular ethical diamond center stone. The designers added delicate beads of gold around each sparkling diamond to create richness and movement in the setting. The end result is a stunning halo that is beautifully centered between the realms of artfulness and timelessness. $8600 as shown; setting starts at $3900.










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