Aquamarine Engagement Ring Ideas

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Ideas
Kelsie aquamarine solitaire engagement ring by Dana Walden NYC

Aquamarine is best known as the birthstone for the month of March, but it is a popular substitution for diamonds in alternative or nontraditional engagement rings. The word “aquamarine” means “water of the sea” and the stone was often carried or worn by sea travelers and sailors. It was believed long ago that the cool-and-clear blue stone “originated in the treasure chests of mermaids” and would protect anyone traveling by or near the sea.

Blue sea water at the beach

In crystal healing traditions, the aquamarine is a calming, soothing and cleansing gem. It is said to inspire focus and trust while opening up easy, transparent communication in relationships. Perhaps this is why we’ve gotten quite a few requests to design engagement rings with aqua center stones.

Skyy aquamarine engagement ring by Dana Walden

Aquamarine gemstones range in color from a very pale ice-blue to rich blue-greens, and they are believed by many to open the heart chakra and to allow for unconditional love and compassion to flow freely into one’s relationship. Of course, on a practical level, a beautiful aquamarine engagement ring can double as your “something blue” on your wedding day.

Ocean waves hitting rocks at the beach

Like emeralds, the aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family of minerals (same as emeralds, morganite) and measures a strong 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The sturdy gemstone is a durable choice for everyday wear, so whether you were born or engaged in March, just love the rich lore and history of the gem, or you simply enjoy the hue of the gem, consider aquamarine for your bridal jewelry.

Dana Walden Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Kelsie aquamarine solitaire engagement ring

Kelsie is an aqua solitaire with gorgeous design details. She features an extraordinary natural round center gemstone, set atop the thinnest knife-edge band. The center stone is set ultra-low, while elegant double claw prongs add a luxurious touch. $1950; Read More.

Hana aquamarine halo engagement rings

Hana is an aquatic inspired beauty that glitters from every angle. Our signature seamless halo create a luxe look by visually enlarging the appearance of the sparkling precious gemstone at the heart of your ring. $3950; Read More.

Skylar engagement ring by Dana Walden- art deco engagement ring

Skylar is a derivation of our beloved 'Sienna' engagement ring. Our aquamarine version offers a cool & crisp color palette with tremendous sparkle. $4500; Read More.

 Aminta aquamarine engagement rings

Aminta is a stunning aquamarine creation, inspired by Dana & Rad's vast collection of antique and estate jewels. This unique design features eight claw prongs, which work to highlight the perfect symmetry of Aminta's sky blue aquamarine. A flourish of milgrain adds a vintage touch, while glittering accents diamonds make this ring truly amazing.  $3810; Read More.

Petra aquamarine engagement ring

Petra is as captivating, as she is glamorous. The star of this beauty is a 3.20 carat aquamarine, covered with a bevy of light reflecting facets, that sparkle from every angle. You can find stunning blue-green tones in Petra's center stone—from sky blue to cerulean, to turquoise and light cyan. The edgy composition is enlivened by an avant-garde halo of glittering diamonds. $5000; Read More.

Sky aquamarine engagement ring
With her sparkling light-blue center stone, one-of-a-kind Skyy is a luxurious handmade creation. Her extraordinary 3ct oval aquamarine is set in a frame of vintage inspired filigree, fabricated in solid 14k white gold. You can see the breathtaking side profile of this ring at the top of this post (second photo). $5000; Read More.


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