Fresh Lab-Grown Diamonds, Timeless Engagement Ring Designs

Fresh Lab-Grown Diamonds, Timeless Engagement Ring Designs
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The very first lab diamonds were created in the 1950s (in the form of diamond grit), but now lab-grown diamonds are a viable option for engagement rings and bridal jewelry, especially for brides seeking gems that are guaranteed conflict-free on account of not being mined. Lab created diamonds are 100% transparent and traceable in terms of origin. Since these gems are chemically and optically identical to their natural diamond counterparts (despite being grown at an expedited timeline in a laboratory setting), brides see lab-created diamonds as a way to...

  • money without compromising gem composition and durability
  • ...potentially upgrade in stone size or total carat weight of their engagement ring for a more luxe look
  • assured a gem is ethical in a time when social responsibility is a huge priority for us all

While many of our clients have explored responsibly-sourced sapphires for bridal jewelry, the growing interest in lab diamonds cannot be denied. Certainly, reliably sourced natural diamonds are still a luxe, timeless, and valuable investment and Dana Walden has a network of reliable dealers with Kimberley Process-certified inventories at the ready. Meanwhile, Dana Walden is prepared to cater to brides seeking lab-created stones that offer a traditional look while holding hands with scientific innovation, mining-free production, and cost savings.

Whatever you decide, we are here to help you create the perfect ring for you at the perfect price for you.

Lab Diamond Halo Engagement Ring by Dana Walden

Lab and natural diamonds are graded using the same Gemological Institute of America (GIA) standards and lab diamonds will test as "genuine" with most standard pen-style testers. Again, lab-grown and natural diamonds both have the same physical and chemical properties. You can read more about Lab Diamonds v. Natural Diamonds, as explained by our creative director, Rad Chin.

Know that Dana Walden has always been committed to a strict code of ethics when it comes to creating all of our designs. This has been our top priority since the company launched. Every single one of our pieces is ethically handmade with recycled metal, conflict-free diamonds, and responsibly-sourced sapphires & other gemstones. Every. Single. One.


Additionally, every gem used in Dana Walden jewelry is personally selected and vetted by Dana & Rad personally. Let's have a look at a few lab diamond designs, available now. These rings are all ready to ship, which means they can get to you "as is" in 2-3 days or 10-14 days. Please note: Special Order rings require 3-6 weeks for fabrication. If you need Ready to Ship rings to be resized, please add 7 days to that 2-3 day delivery timeline.

Dana Walden's Jessa Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring is a classic oval solitaire engagement ring that features some artful handcrafted details. The light and airy design puts the spotlight on the gemstone at its center, while incorporating some truly distinctive design elements, including ultra-thin band and breathtaking split claw prongs. Jessa is a Dana Walden classic and fan favorite.

At this writing there are THREE ready to ship Jessa rings currently available:

Jessa 1.5ct oval lab diamond engagement ring

(You can view our standard Special Order page for Jessa, as well. Again, Special Order rings will require 3-6 weeks for fabrication.)

If You Prefer a Diamond Halo Design...

A stunning handmade beauty, Malia, is available now. The cut and seamless halo of this design makes this ring appear considerably larger than its actual carat weight. Malia ships in 2-3 days as is (Size 6.75) and can be resized (+7 days for that work to be done). This ring is priced at $4390. View the Malia Product Page.

Also Available

Our Petal ring is one of our most luxurious designs, set in gold and Platinum. In this version of our classic design, a 1.91ct lab diamond is placed at the center, flanked by two tapered baguette lab diamonds. This ready to ship ring is priced at $12,500. Petal is also available as a Special Order design, with natural diamonds (starting at $21,460). View Petal Ready to Ship Product Page.

Our delicate Margot Pear Lab Diamond Solitaire is an ethically crafted classic. Rad fell in love with this 1.50 carat lab grown diamond because of its elongated shape and ideal length to width ratio - it sits elegantly on the finger and faces up like a 2 carat diamond! Margot's diamond is set as low as possible, while allowing for the optimal amount of light dispersion. There is only 1 Margot in stock. This ring is priced at $8970. View the Margot Product Page.

This ring is the epitome of classic.  Rad hand-selected a fiery 1.05ct lab-created gem to pair with eco-friendly 14K yellow gold, guaranteeing a piece with no new mining impact. You can rest assured that the ethically handmade ring you see here is a pure and dignified representation of your enduring love. Our Kate Ring is priced at $5700. View the Kate Product Page.


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