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Jessa Oval Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

The very first lab diamonds were created in the 1950s (in the form of diamond grit), but today's brides have put lab diamonds on the map as the ethical gemstone of choice for their bridal jewelry. Why? Well, lab diamonds  (also known as lab-grown diamonds, lab-created diamonds, or manmade diamonds) are transparently traceable in terms of origin. And, since they're chemically and optically identical to their natural counterparts (despite being grown at an expedited timeline in a laboratory setting), brides see lab-created diamonds as a viable way to...

  • money without compromising gem composition and durability
  • ...potentially upgrade in stone size or total carat weight of their engagement ring for a more luxe look
  • assured a gem is ethical in a time when social responsibility is a huge priority for us all

two engagement rings- diamond solitaires by dana walden nyc

While many of our clients have explored responsibly-sourced sapphires for bridal jewelry, the growing interest in lab diamonds over the last year cannot be denied. Certainly a natural diamond is still considered a luxe, timeless, and valuable investment. Meanwhile, lab-created stones offer a traditional look that holds hands with scientific innovation and cost savings; it helps that lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed ethical and 100% traceable, too.Lab Diamond Halo Engagement Ring by Dana Walden

Our creative director, Rad Chin, explains the difference between natural and lab diamonds here, but as Dana Walden clients already know,  we are all about a vibe that is timeless while also being artful and distinctive. Additionally, we have always been committed to a strict code of ethics when it comes to creating all of our designs. It's no surprise to us that some of our most popular 2021 designs have featured breathtaking hand-selected lab diamonds.

A note: Every single gem we source is vetted by Dana Walden Chin and Rad Chin, personally.

Let's have a look at two lab diamond designs, available now

Lab Diamond Jessa Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

Dana Walden's Jessa is a classic oval solitaire engagement ring that features some artful handcrafted details. The light and airy design puts the spotlight on the gemstone at its center. Jessa is a Dana Walden classic and fan favorite, shown here in ecofriendly 14k yellow gold.

As we write this, we have a lab diamond Jessa in stock! Valentine's Day proposal, anyone? This ring ships in 2-3 days "as is" (Size 6.75; please add 7 days for resizing if needed). Learn more about this 1.01ct Jessa oval solitaire engagement ring, priced at $5600.

 Lab diamond halo engagement rings by Dana Walden

Recently introduced to our ready-to-ship line of handmade engagement rings is Malia. The cut and seamless halo of this design make the ring look much larger than its 0.84ct center stone size. It will ship in 2-3 days "as is" (Size 6.75; allow 7 additional days for resizing if needed). Learn more about the Malia oval halo engagement ring, priced at $4390.


We've added Lab Diamond options to a few of our Dana Walden classic diamond solitaire designs. Look for the Lab Diamond options under the product title on each product page. Additionally, Dana and Rad are happy to consider customizing any existing Dana Walden setting with lab diamonds. To make an inquiry please email 

Your Turn

What are YOUR thoughts on lab diamonds? Would you consider one for your engagement ring or other fine jewelry purchases? Why or why not? Tell us in a comment below.


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