DW Trends 2022: Geometric Engagement Ring Designs

DW Trends 2022: Geometric Engagement Ring Designs

Dana Walden Chin and Radika Chin of Dana Walden Bridal in New York City are the designers of timeless-but-distinctive ethical engagement rings and jewelry, all handmade right here in New York City. But, did you know that they also have one of the most unique collections of gemstones in New York as well? They are avid gem collectors and couldn't wait to design rings for a suite of truly unique geometrically-cut diamonds. 

Dana & Rad love creating ethically handmade engagement rings for clients who embrace art, visual culture, and at times, the avant-garde. Based on hundreds of new designs and collaborations in 2021, we bring you some "Timeless Trends"- the most popular design elements loved and lauded by our trendsetting and amazing clients this year.

Geometric and angular designs are a striking way to modernize any engagement ring design. Custom geometric gem cuts can give an engagement ring a truly bespoke and one of a kind look, since most bridal designs tend to focus on round brilliant diamonds and, especially in 2021, the much beloved oval-shaped gemstone.

A few years back, Dana & Rad worked with some of the best gem cutters in the world to create a suite of timeless-but-distinctive designs that were quite modern in their geometry, without being rigid or too angular. The truly one of a kind and head turning designs included Silvana (limited edition, sold, pictured below).

By marrying seamless micro pavé with a modern and one of a kind diamond cut, Dana & Rad created a truly unique piece that's nearly impossible to replicate. This means that the lucky owner of this handmade piece has a true heirloom in the making that is very special. All of that said, Dana & Rad are constantly creating amazing ready-to-ship pieces like these, so it is important that you keep an eye on new launches. Although limited edition Silvana (above) and Cassia (limited edition, sold, pictured below) are no longer available, there are still some geometric designs in the Dana Walden Ready to Ship Collection that you should consider reserving or purchasing, as they won't likely be reproduced by our designers.

Certainly, it's natural to want an engagement ring that really speaks to your style, especially if you're a creative or artistic person. In these especially profound times, a classic design in a modern shape is an amazing way to encapsulate the contemporary without compromising timelessness. These rings guarantee double takes by onlookers, as Dana & Rad have expertly executed on their timeless but distinctive aesthetic with unexpected gemstone and layout shapes.

Love the angular look of Dana Walden's classic & contemporary engagement ring designs? Here are a few one of a kind choices that are Ready to Ship now:

Mallory is a unique tiara-shaped design that stacks beautifully with dainty diamond bands. The custom cut diamond makes this ring a one of a kind and limited edition design that, like Silvana and Cassia, will likely not be recreated. $6000; View the Mallory Product Page.

The Matilda ring features a handmade angular setting that is ornately etched. The warm combination of yellow gold and a meticulously cut pink sapphire. This ring is subtle, yet stunning. $2950; View the Matilda Product Page.

Our Henley hexagon diamond is another one of a kind ring that is limited edition. This gemstone features clean, clear lines within its cut, and a yellow gold setting. The smooth metal halo frames lets the center gem really shine. $3950; View the Henley Product Page.

Like Silvana and Cassia, the Mallory, Matilda, and Henley rings are in our Ready to Ship Collection. This means they will ship in just 2-3 days as is (add 7 days for resizing). Once they are sold, it is unlikely that Dana & Rad will be able to replicate these designs, so these rings are truly unique and one of a kind.



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