DW Trends 2022: Bi-Color Sapphire Engagement Rings

DW Trends 2022: Bi-Color Sapphire Engagement Rings
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Dana Walden Chin and Radika Chin of Dana Walden Bridal in New York City are the designers of timeless-but-distinctive ethical engagement rings and jewelry, all handmade right here in New York City. But, did you know that they also have one of the most unique collections of gemstones in New York as well? The two are avid gem collectors with a special affinity for fancy sapphires. Oftentimes, the duo will pull from their carefully curated library of gemstones to create heirloom-worthy one of a kind items for their Ready to Ship Collection, or they'll offer applicable gems from the collection to clients seeking Custom Engagement Ring Designs.

Dana and Rad are create ethically handmade engagement rings that are refined & balanced for clients who embrace art, visual culture, and at times, the avant-garde. Based on hundreds of new designs and collaborations in 2021, we bring you some "Timeless Trends"- the most popular design elements loved and lauded by our amazing clients this year.

Certainly non-traditional brides were once content to simply veer away from diamonds, but many fine jewelry designs focused on colorful gemstones lack the refinement and elegance befitting bridal designs. Enter Dana & Rad, introducing ethically-sourced and truly unique signature designs with rare & unique gemstones, including BI-COLOR SAPPHIRES (also known as "Parti Sapphires" or "Polychrome Sapphires").

As you may have guessed, these gems display more than one color within a single stone. Keep in mind that finding gem-quality sapphires is already quite a rare occurrence, but finding bi-color sapphires that allow for cutting with the heart of the polychrome display positioned at the center of the gem is exceptionally rare. Our favorite example of this in our Ready to Ship Collection is the STEVIE ring.

STEVIE is a one of a kind, asymmetrical piece that is a truly avant-garde take on a more traditional three-stone ring. The sapphire here has a clear yellow center that fades into a vibrant orange rim around that oval cut gem. Flanked by a ruby and a tapered baguette, this ring will turn heads. STEVIE is Ready to Ship now in size 4.25 (please check with us about re-sizing by emailing sales@danawaldenbridal.com)

ASPEN is a minimalist design coming in at 0.56 carats, but this gem is so incredibly unique and no detail is spared on this petite handmade piece. The bi-color gem showcased here displays vivid turquoise and sage green color zones that are subtle at some angles and surprisingly striking at other angles. 

For brides seeking timeless appeal with a real non-traditional twist, bi-color sapphires could be just what you seek. Read more about Custom Gem Sourcing.



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