Designing the Perfect Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Designing the Perfect Three-Stone Engagement Ring

The most well-known symbolism of the three-stone engagement ring is PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. The design is meant to immortalize a couple’s life together, representing that commitment of “forever.” Certainly any royal proposal is a catalyst for a spike in popularity for some engagement ring styles. Megan Markle’s custom three-stone ring featured an ethically-sourced center diamond flanked by two heirloom diamonds from her late mother-in-law Diana Spencer’s jewel collection, in a design created by her fiancé.

Of course, the number three (3) is packed with spiritual, historical, and cultural significance as well. Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, identified the number as “perfect” and representative of harmony. He proposed that the number three stood for good fortune, perhaps informing the adage “all good things come in threes.” In Christian traditions, the number is viewed as holy, a representation of the Trinity of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Similarly in eastern cultures, you see the number referenced as auspicious, as well. In Hinduism, the godhead trinity includes Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, meanwhile a triad of goddesses- Laxmi, Saraswati, Parvati- is recognized as incredibly powerful. Meditation cultures acknowledge the presence of the “third eye” or “the mind’s eye” for enlightened individuals. 

Here at Dana Walden Bridal, three-stone rings are among our most sought after designs. What makes our designs so special? Our designers Dana Walden Chin and Radika Chin give a tremendous amount of time and attention to fine tuning the metrics of each and every three-stone design to ensure balance and harmony. Every single ring is ethically handmade to order, which means that each individual jewel is taken into account when fabricating its setting. Additionally, each client’s ring size factors into the placement and angle of side stones.

Dana and Rad personally vet and select the gems used in each ring’s layout to ensure each ring is perfectly proportioned for the person who will be wearing it. “The shank of our design is stately and delicate but not too thin. It tapers gracefully into the accent stones giving a fluid line,” Rad explains. 

Another hallmark of Dana Walden engagement ring designs is that low-as-possible setting that makes our pieces infinitely more comfortable to wear when compared to many mass market designs. Of course, we’ve calibrated just the right height to still allow light to shine through the gem for an amazing show on the hand of every client. “These design choices add to the modernity of our pieces by streamlining traditional, metal-heavy designs to be light & airy without compromising the structural integrity of our rings,” says Rad.


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