Trend: Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Trend: Three-Stone Engagement Rings

The number 3 is very symbolic. Three-stone engagement rings represent your past, present, and future with your significant other, but the number itself has come to represent creativity, communication, growth, and expression.

three-stone engagement ring- handmade portia ring by dana walden jewelry

The Meghan Markle Effect

In an act of massive symbolism, Prince Harry designed an engagement ring for Meghan Markle that incorporated a stunning, conflict-free center diamond that he personally sourced. That center stone was flanked by two gems that belonged to his mother. The two continue to create representations of their love and journey together with fine jewelry: they've reportedly modified the engagement ring over time, and Harry gifted his wife with an eternity band for their 1-year wedding anniversary. They've also incorporated the birthstone of their little family into Meghan's bridal set. Needless to say, the trendsetting royals have given three-stone engagement designs some clout.

Meghan Markle engagement ring - 3-stone engagement ring trend

"The ring is obviously yellow gold because that's [Markle's] favorite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds either side are from my mother's jewelry collection, to make sure that she's with us on this crazy journey together," Harry said during the couple's first sit-down interview with the BBC, shortly after they announced their engagement.

Leandra three stone engagement ring

Leandra, shown above this line, is a stunning engagement ring with baguette side stones. Legend has it that Giotto once demonstrated his enormous technical skill by drawing a circle; it was a perfect circle, drawn without the aid of a compass or stencil. Dana has always been inspired by this story, and relates many of his classic designs to the pursuit of mastering simple shapes and proportions. Each diamond layout is personally selected by the Designers to ensure harmony and balance; whether they're designing around a 1.50ct diamond or a 3.00 carat diamond, Dana & Rad will sort through hundreds of options before settling on the perfect stones. Since most three stone rings can seem quite linear, we've designed a gently sweeping under-bezel, softly angling Leandra's side diamonds. The end result is a three stone work of art that looks lovely on the hand from every angle. To shop Leandra, click here.

Popular Handmade Three Stone Engagement Ring Designs from DW

Pictured above, at the top of this post is Portia. Portia is one of our most sought after handmade designs. Portia was first designed by Dana & Rad to showcase an exquisite 5 carat round brilliant diamond (shown below). Since then, many couples have asked the designers to recreate this silhouette with diamonds starting at 1.50ct. Portia's sleek double claw prongs add focus to her center diamond, which is beautifully enhanced by two elegant pear shaped stones. This harmonious pairing of diamonds, each set at the perfect angle, creates balance and transition.

Portia Handmade Three-Stone Engagement Ring

To learn more about Portia, you can click here.

Emma emerald cut engagement ring by Dana Walden

Our Emma 3-stone engagement ring is reminiscent of the classic design worn by Amal Clooney. Emma is luxurious, charming, and refined. We take the time to personally source each emerald cut diamond, while focusing on beauty, size, and how they interact with each other. The result is a three stone engagement ring that exhibits fluid transition, harmony, and balance. To shop Emma, click here.

You can view all of our Three-Stone Engagement Ring designs here. Each ring is made to order with conflict-free diamonds and ecofriendly metals.


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