Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring Roundup

Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring Roundup

Purple has come to symbolize royalty and nobility, as well as luxury, power and ambition. Here we gather all of our purple sapphire designs, for your consideration.

the color purple

Purple merges the calmness of the color blue with the energy of the color red, thus representing balance and harmony, as well as the merging of two forces. The hue rarely occurs in nature, with flowers like lavender, orchid, lilac and violets considered as quite precious. The rarity of the hue meant that there was some expense linked to creating purple dyes, giving the color prestige. As such, purple became synonymous with royalty, wealth and luxury. Certainly the richness of the hue is the perfect jewel tone for fall season proposals. 

As the symbolic color of the Crown chakra, purple is a color that is representative of pure thought connecting with the infinite consciousness, making the color prevalent in global spirituality. The color is known to evoke feelings of empathy, love, and sensitivity.

Explore our purple sapphire handmade engagement rings below.



Packed with visual interest, a deeply-hued purple oval sapphire is held in place with handcrafted North/ South/ East/ West prongs. The signature band is adorned with conflict-free diamonds with alternating prong & bezel settings. Makes a truly luxe pinky ring, or minimalist engagement ring. 100% ethically handmade in NYC.


Alessandra 0.61ct Purple Sapphire Minimalist/ Petite Ring. $2990; Buy Now



aileen purple sapphire engagement ring

An oval sapphire is set horizontally (East-West) with glimmering ethical diamonds in a masterfully created micro-pave halo, plus more diamonds embedded to the band using an embedded setting style. 100% ethically handmade in NYC.


Aileen ~0.50ct Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents. $1650; Buy Now



 A classic three-stone design with an unexpected purple mauve sapphire flanked by flawless ethical diamonds. A wonderful example of timeless-but-distinctive. 100% ethically handmade in NYC.


Apryl 1.01ct Mauve Sapphire Engagement Ring. $3600; Buy Now



This Edwardian-inspired engagement ring features a purple-pink sapphire with blush and lavender tones. Such a character-filled piece and an heirloom in the making. 100% ethically handmade in NYC.


Pietra 1.24ct Purple-Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring. $2500; Buy Now



 A pear-shaped lavender sapphire is the center of this micro-pave masterpiece. The ring is a delicate and timeless piece with a truly unique center gem.100% ethically handmade in NYC.


Dorset Lilac Sapphire Engagement Ring. $5100; Buy Now



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