3 Fine Jewelry Gifts for New Moms

3 Fine Jewelry Gifts for New Moms
by Tabitha Sukhai

Becoming a mom is a tremendous milestone; perhaps among the most identity-shifting life changes one can imagine. When I adopted my son, there was no way for me to know just how much my life had changed. Every single day became an exercise in trusting myself to unconditionally love and protect this child, and to help him to be the best possible version of himself. He starts college this Fall, and before leaving to school, he gifted me a gorgeous opal ring that I will treasure forever and ever.

Meaningful jewelry is such a beautiful way to commemorate motherhood, whether you're self purchasing as a new mom, or celebrating a loved one who is embarking on the journey of motherhood. Whether it's a pinky ring to remind you of that "pinky promise" to trust your instincts or a talisman, like Rad's Compass Rose Necklace, here are our 3 favorite Dana Walden gift ideas for new moms.


1. Compass Rose Necklace

new mom jewelry gifts

Dana & Rad created this gorgeous handmade piece when Rad became a new mom a few years back, as a talisman to remind her to always trust her own inner compass. Enjoy special pricing on this gold and diamond necklace. $290; Buy Now

2. Dainty Three-Stone Ring

jewelry gifts for new moms

Create a pinky ring with gemstones to represent each member of your family, or mom's gem at the center flanked by child gems. Whether you incorporate birthstones or just favorite colors, Dana & Rad are happy to work with you to source the perfect gems and create a custom three-stone ring, if needed. 

Shown here: The Magnolia ring is ready to ship. $3300; Buy Now

To make a custom inquiry, send an email to sales@danawaldenbridal.com

3. Personalized Lariat Necklace


personalized necklace


This gorgeous Dana Walden classic is completely customizable with 1-2 engraved initials and 1-2 embedded gems. Starts $950; Buy Now



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