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New Anniversary Engagement Bands by Dana Walden Jewelry
Shown, left to right: Cinzia ($2690), Lucca ($3650), Shareen ($3400). View all.
Our emerald engagement band, Allie, is a popular Dana Walden Jewelry design. That got us thinking- maybe there are even more folks who might prefer a band-style ring to a traditional engagement ring design.
We asked around and it turned out, yeah, a lot of people don't love the idea of a traditional engagement ring profile that may appear ostentatious in these trying times, but also, be impractical for wearers who work with their hands or have small babies, or whathaveyou.
"I work in the medical field, and jewelry can tear through PPE and gloves. It would be great to wear something a bit more practical, that goes beyond a plain gold ring," explains a client who works as a nurse at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.
New Dana Walden engagement and wedding band designs
Shown, left to right: Gilda ($5000), Fontaine ($1350), Madrid ($2990). View all.
We went to work dreaming up a brand-new line of diamond bands that work as anniversary bands, engagement bands, and/or wedding bands. 
In addition to finding inspiration with you, our DW collectors and clients, and your love for Allie, we also worked in some inspo from our favorite destinations. For example, Madrid, the rose gold band pictured above, was inspired by the cobblestone streets of its namesake city. Madrid is, after all, one of Dana's favorite cities in the world. The diamond layout is also reminiscent of the cobblestone streets of certain neighborhoods in NYC and Philly, too.
Cinzia Vertical Feature - New Engagement Bands from Dana Walden
Cinzia pictured at the top of this post and just above these words, is already the most viewed of this new line. This fanciful ring is highlighted by clusters of sparkling baguette diamonds, juxtaposed with alternating round brilliant diamonds. It is an architectural work of art with a tapered silhouette that is designed for maximum comfort and ease of wear. 
You can explore all of our wedding band designs here, including classic and new designs. Prices range from about $1350 - $5000.

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