Most Requested: Oval Diamond Engagment Rings

Our old tagline "Timeless yet distinctive" encapsulates the oval-cut diamond perfectly. Ovals are a classic alternative to more traditional round diamonds, and they're definitely having a moment. About half of the inquiries that came in here at Dana Walden this month were for designs centered around oval gemstones.

1 carat Oval engagement ring by dana walden jewelry

Oval designs can elongate the finger for a graceful look, but make sure you're mindful of your length-to-width ratio. Do you want a classic look? Or do you want to go wider/ narrower? Know that the classic length-to-width ratio for an oval diamond is about 1.35 or 1.40 - 1.50. 

Diamond ratio illustration from Ringspo

Also be mindful of this common indication of a poorly cut oval diamond: sometimes a dark shadow that resembles a bow tie can render toward the center of a poorly cut oval stone. Generally, if it's the first thing you notice about the ring, look for another one. Make sure you view your oval diamonds in person or request video from the seller to ensure you don't end up receiving a stone with this common issue.

jessa 2 carat oval engagement ring

Our most popular oval solitaire is Jessa, shown above. Learn more about Jessa ($5600). At the top of this post, we featured Seren ($5350). Remember that ovals make great candidates for halos; some popular oval halo designs you can explore are Layna and Linza.


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