Most Requested: Oval-cut Diamond & Gemstone Engagment Rings

Most Requested: Oval-cut Diamond & Gemstone Engagment Rings

By Tabitha Sukhai

The Dana Walden tagline "timeless yet distinctive" encapsulates the oval-cut diamond perfectly; oval engagement rings (solitaires and halos) are a current & classic alternative to more traditional round engagement rings. Seeing a steady increase in popularity over the last five years or so, ovals are definitely having a moment. In fact, about half of the inquiries that come in at Dana Walden every month are for oval designs.

1 carat Oval engagement ring by dana walden jewelry

They don't call ovals timeless for nothing, though! According to BRIDES, modern oval diamonds have been available since 1957 after being introduced by diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan. Generally, brides enjoy how flattering these gems look on the hand, creating the illusion of longer and leaner fingers. Additionally, the orientation of oval cuts makes gems that are cut in this shape look a bit larger than their actual carat weight.

When choosing your oval gemstone, keep in mind that "oval" is not exactly a standard cut; you'll have to pay attention to length-to-width ratios. Do you want a classic true oval look? Or do you want to go wider/ narrower than the average oval-cut ratio? Just so you know: The classic length-to-width ratio for an oval diamond is about 1.35 or 1.40 - 1.50 (reference diagram below). 

Diamond ratio illustration from Ringspo

Also be mindful of "bow ties" if you opt for an oval engagement ring design. "Bow ties" are a dark shadow resembling a bow tie that can render toward the center of some poorly-cut oval stones. If it a real issue in a gem you're looking at, it will be the first thing you notice. Make sure you view your oval diamonds in person or request video from the seller to ensure you don't end up receiving a piece that is a glaring example of this issue.

jessa 2 carat oval engagement ring

Our most popular oval solitaire is Jessa, shown above. For all of our designs, Dana and Rad vet hundreds of gems before settling on the perfect gem for each piece. For the Jessa oval solitaire design, the magic lies in thoughtful handmade details like those split-claw prongs and delicate setting, which really allows that hand-selected gem to shine.

Our full Oval Collection puts various ratios on display. Certainly, working with oval diamonds and gems gives us a chance to demonstrate how each and every Dana Walden engagement ring is built around a hand-selected gem to ensure a seamless handmade, custom piece.

Cheryl and Apryl three-stone oval sapphire engagement rings

Shown above are three-stone oval sapphire designs Cheryl (hunter green) and Apryl (mauve purple). These two rings demonstrate different oval ratios in a similar setting.

seren oval solitaire

Upon getting requests for oval versions of our Dana Walden classic ring Astrid (round), we created the Seren ring shown just above, and again at the top of this post. Seren, like many of our signature designs are now available with lab diamond options.

malia and abril oval halo engagement rings- diamonds and lab diamonds

Oval gems can be paired with halos for a particularly luxe look. Brand-new for 2021 are two oval halo engagement ring designs, Malia (left) and Abril (right), which demonstrate a chunkier halo in the Malia ring alongside a thinner, smaller one with ornate tipped prongs in the Abril design.

If you have any questions or want to view the rings in this post, you can book a virtual or in-person appointment to visit Dana Walden Studio. Inquiries can also be emailed to Dana and Rad directly at



UPDATED 03/27/2021



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