TERRY and SHIVANA handmade engagement rings

Earlier this month, we revealed two brand-new designs on Instagram. TERRY is an ornate and whimsical mauve sapphire creation and SHIVANA is a striking grey diamond set in warm rose gold.

SHIVANA started with the diamond. "One of my favorite diamond dealers was coming in town and he's very familiar with my aesthetic," explains Dana Walden Creative Director and designer Rad Chin. "I don't just jump on trendy stones, so if I was going to do a grey diamond design, the diamond would need to hold its own when loose."

gray diamond handmade engagement ring

What makes a center stone "hold its own"? "If it's stunning and sparks curiosity by telling a story un-set, then it will guide my hand as I design a setting for it," Rad explains. "It will help me decide on silhouette, metal, prongs, basket design, diamond accents, and the rest."

Rad was initially drawn to this diamond because of the nature of its color. The stone wasn't sitting under fancy lights but it still had an intense sparkle, which can be rare for opaque diamonds. "When the light hits this stone, it refracts back to the viewer in shades of chrome, steely grey, and gunmetal," says Rad. "It's remarkable."

Need another reason to love this ring? The SHIVANA grey diamond weighs in at 2 carats, but she has the spread of 4 carat diamond; the way the stone is cut makes it appear much larger than it is (and you're still paying for a 2 carat stone).

Shivana Gray Diamond engagement ring on hand

Rad selected rose gold for the setting because of the diamond's neutral undertones. "It also adds a warm,romantic aspect, which counters the striking nature fo the stone itself," Rad explains. A halo of incredibly white diamonds (F-G color, VS clarity) enhances the sparkle of the center grey diamond, but it also adds movement and lightness to the ring.

"I always think about how the band will live with a sizable engagement ring," says Rad. "I knew that this piece would look it's best when stacked with thin diamond bands, so we created the basket for wedding bands to sit flush. So many designers create cool rings, but they forget to think about how the engagement ring will look when it's paired with a wedding band," Rad explains. "I love the SAMARA, ARDEN ETERNITY, and DIAMOND WREATH paired with this ring."

Dana Walden is known in the NYC fine jewelry world for their micro-pavé work; their signature is a super thin and fine look, using diamonds of the highest quality. Each setting is essentially designed and handmade around the stone being used to ensure perfect harmony in the final piece.

TERRY sapphire engagement ring

The mauve sapphire masterpiece named TERRY answers to another "trend" with timeless leanings: a new generation of romantics see sapphires as a responsibly-sourced, versatile, and durable alternative to diamonds. "Diamonds can have heavy cultural and historical implications for modern brides," says one shopper. "So, I love the idea of exploring sapphires which are more affordable to boot!"

TERRY has been getting some attention not only for her interesting hue, showing tones of  lavender, pink, and champagne. But fans and friends of Dana Walden Jewelry love the intricately handmade white gold and diamond frame that surrounds the center stone. "TERRY even has some grey tones that shimmer when she's in the right lighting, says Rad. "I love that this sapphire exhibits color, but is also neutral, making her ideal for everyday wear."

As for the notable setting, co-founder and designer Dana Chin wanted it to have a celestial quality. He wanted to design a halo that integrated diamonds tipped in gold along with delicate gold beads in-between. He wanted the diamonds to stand out just a bit, to create a 'twinkle' of light. This ring is also designed so that a band can sit flush. Rad recommends the SAMARA band for this ring - clean, classic, and full of sparkle.

The prongs holding TERRY's mauve sapphire are thin, sculpted claws (as opposed to rounded), so that they add fluidity and transition to the overall design. The band is also super thin, light, and minimal making the ring all about the intriguing sapphire and the artful diamond halo that surrounds it.









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