The Aura of Sapphires

The Aura of Sapphires

by Tabitha Sukhai

We are thrilled to announce our brand-new line of fine jewelry, featuring handpicked sapphires in the most vibrant array of colors. 

Selecting Sapphires for Fine Jewelry

Dana and Rad are often studying the parallels between fine art and jewelry, particularly when it comes to originality and visual expression. Intent on creating a collection of truly unique engagement rings, the designers sourced one-of-a-kind sapphires, each one hand selected based on their unique 'aura'.


definition the word aura

Each piece in this line is one-of-a-kind as it is unlikely that gems in these particular hues will be sourced again. It has become something of a hobby for Dana and Rad to find the most unique sapphiresworthy of becoming the timeless, modern heirlooms. Each design in this new line of fine, sapphire engagement rings is ethically handmade with responsibly-sourced sapphires, conflict-free diamond accents, and eco-friendly fine metals with no new mining impact

Shades of Sapphires

Gia Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring - Princess Diana Style Ring

Shown: Gia sapphire engagement ring ($6500)


There's more to sapphires than you may know. The gemstones are rated a 9.0 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and the only gemstone harder and more durable than a sapphire is a diamond. Sapphires are extremely durable for everyday wear. Additionally, the gem is available in a beautiful range of colors aside from that deep, velvety blue you're probably used to seeing.

New Sapphire Engagement Rings in shades of pink

Shown:  Sabra, Oriana, and Remi ($4900 each)

For this collection, designers Dana and Rad Chin have approached each ring as a work of art. With colors ranging from champagne to lilac to indigo, they carefully curated ethical sapphires and accent diamonds for each ring in this new line, paying close attention to composition, color, and proportion.

The Aura of Sapphires new designs - Sapphire fine jewelry for engagement or holiday gifts

Shown top row left to right: Marigold sapphire ring ($5000), Zinnia lilac-pink sapphire ring ($4800), Clio sapphire ring ($15,500). Shown bottom row left to right: Poet peach sapphire ring ($2700), Milena sapphire ring ($1,250), Dorset lilac sapphire ring ($5100)

The Aura of Sapphire new designs from Dana Walden Bridal Jewelry - sapphire fine jewelry and engagement rings

Shown top row left to right: Apryl mauve sapphire ring ($3600), Etta pale peach sapphire ring ($5000), Thea yellow sapphire ring ($4350), Matilda peach sapphire ring ($2950). Shown bottom row left to right: Magnolia sapphire ring ($3300 ), Leila purple sapphire ring ($4730), Rory periwinkle sapphire ring ($3600 ), Athena champagne sapphire ring ($4100)


The result is an assemblage of extraordinary sapphire engagement rings that will speak to your unique union in a manner that is truly one of a kind.  And, thanks to the rich palette of colors, these designs can also make beautiful fine-jewelry alternatives to clunky class ring designs for high school and college graduates.

Purple Sapphire Halo Ring- The Aura of Sapphires

Shown: Stacia lavender sapphire ring ($4990)


All materials are responsibly and ethically sourced so that you can find a nontraditional engagement ring (or other commemorative piece to celebrate graduation, a new job, or any meaningful milestone) that you can feel good about wearing. SEE FULL LINE: THE AURA OF SAPPHIRES




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