Best Dana Walden Rings for #SweaterWeather

Best Dana Walden Rings for #SweaterWeather
Sweater weather rings

The other day, we posted an Instagram exclusive on the best engagement rings for #SweaterWeather. The post ended up being quite popular and a lot of folks want their wedding and engagement jewelry to be just as comfortable and practical as it is distinctive and beautiful.

Honestly, it is super-easy to get caught up in what you think your engagement ring should look like. But it's not 'til you get the ring on your hand that you realize there are certain features you may not love. For example, a ring with some height could tear through plastic or latex gloves or PPE, make it difficult to wear winter gloves, and snag on sweaters and other fabrics during cold seasons. 

If these are concerns for you, you might go for a low-profile "smooth" ring that provides maximum comfort. And guess what; with Dana Walden low-profile rings or engagement bands, you won't have to compromise sparkle or distinctive design for comfort. Have a look at a few of our favorite Sweater Weather-friendly engagement rings.

Athena sapphire engagement ring

ATHENA is a unique champagne sapphire treasure, handcrafted in 14k yellow gold with the tiniest round, princess cut diamond details. All gemstones were responsibly sourced and conflict free and handpicked by Dana & Rad personally. The star of this creation is a clear champagne sapphire that is perfect for the socially-conscious bride. Athena shimmers with hints of nude, apricot, and gold. We love that her color changes depending on the lighting.

Our Athena ring was also named a beautiful choice for Fall proposals, as the sculptural halo resembles a fall leaf. The detailed etchings are reminiscent of the richness and abundance of the season.

Athena is READY TO SHIP NOW in Size 6. You can have it at your door "as is" in 2-3 days. If you need Athena resized, please add 7 days. Resizing is free. Athena is priced at $4100. SHOP HERE.

IF YOU LIKE ATHENA check out Tillary, too.


Engagement bands by Dana Walden

Inspired by the popular Allie emerald band, Dana and Rad sought to design a full line of diamond engagement bands that offered a similar ease-of-wear. They did just that, and fast forward to a few months later, the bands have gained popularity as luxe wedding bands for dramatic bridal-set looks and anniversary bands as well!

SHAREEN is a substantial 5mm diamond band with a lot of presence and sparkle. She features two rows of staggered baguettes (0.75 ctw), set entirely by hand in luxurious 14k yellow gold. Her double row of dazzling step-cut diamonds were designed to create the illusion of stacking bands, without the fuss of wearing two separate rings. Shareen is gorgeous when paired with your favorite DW engagement solitaire, but we love her just as much when worn solo.

The smooth profile and setting ensure wearing winter gloves is easy and your sparkler won't snag on sweaters or fabric this season. Shareen is priced at $3400. SHOP HERE.

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henley diamond engagement ring by Dana Walden

Dana and Rad worked with some of the finest diamond cutters in the world to create this exquisite 0.55 carat hexagon diamond for our Henley engagement ring. Her unique center diamond is full of sparkle and features a bright white hue, which is juxtaposed beautifully with her rich 14k yellow gold frame. The result is a truly unique take on an absolutely classic combination. Henley's sleek and modern setting was designed to be extremely thin, delicate, and low-profile, while still allowing for most wedding bands to sit flush. 
This ring is a timeless-but-distinctive approach to a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring, perfect for brides who are modern and classic. Comfortable to wear and not ostentatious, it is clear that a great deal of thought and love went into this handmade engagement ring's design.
Henley's low profile and smooth finish makes it a #SweaterWeather favorite. Fans of the design appreciate that it isn't ostentatious while still being a distinctive conversation starter! Henley is priced at $3950. SHOP HERE.


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