Best Engagement Ring Designs for Folks Who Love Fall

Best Engagement Ring Designs for Folks Who Love Fall

Fall in New York is heaven. It's hard not to enjoy the crisp cool air after steamy city summers. And nothing beats a drive up the I-84 for some Fall foliage.

Fall Foliage

It's the season of pumpkin spice, trips to the pumpkin patch, and apple cider doughnuts. There's no shortage of lovers of the Fall season and activities, hikes, hot spots to visit in NYC and the area surrounding the city. If your significant other loves Autumn vibes, here are a few designs they're sure to love.

Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring by Dana Walden

Tillary ($4100) features a sculptural halo and detailed etchings  that's reminiscent of a leaf. The rich teal center stone can scream sophisticated goth vibes for Halloween queens who want a ring that's deep, dark and sultry. For a lighter brighter version of this "leaf-like" ring, check out the Athena ring, which has a champagne-hued center stone. Lucky you! Tillary and Athena are both in stock now and ready to ship. They'll be in your hands "as is" in 2-3 days. If you need resizing, please add 7 days.

Maiya Nature Fall Inspired Engagement Ring

Here's a version of our Maiya ring in yellow gold. The intricate engravings and leaf-shaped motifs featured in this nature-inspired design makes a warm and character-filled engagement ring for any lover of the season or the great outdoors. Prices vary and this ring is special order. Email us at for inquiries about Maiya in yellow gold, and to see whether we can get your Maiya ring made in time for a Fall proposal.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring for Fall Proposal

The rich, yellow sapphire featured in our Thea ring ($4350) is nearly 2 carats and is like wearable sunshine. The fiery yellow is also a favorite Fall color of "leaf watchers" everywhere. Thea is ready to ship now and will get to you in 2-3 days "as is." If you need resizing, please allow 7 additional days. Like the look of Thea? Check out Dascha ($4350), too. This emerald-cut yellow sapphire ring has recently sold, but you can ask us to create something similar by emailing us at!

rustic diamond engagement ring for fall proposal

This rustic diamond creation is set in the warmth of our proprietary rose-gold alloy. We call her Savannah ($4100). Folks love the tone of our exclusive rose gold alloy because it is easily wearable by men and women, without the typical "bubble gum pink" undertones you may see in mass market rose gold metals. The one-of-a-kind rustic diamond is built into a flawless classic setting and, depending on the light, features many "Fall colors" in a single ring; tones of glittering gold, copper, & saffron. This ring is ready to ship in Size 6 (can be resized; please allow 7 days for resizing and indicate desired size in NOTES at Checkout).

Chantalle orange sapphire engagement ring

Red-orange leaves are some of the most sought after during the Fall season. If you're lucky, you pick up an autumn leaf with the same rich hue of our Chantalle ($1900) engagement ring design. The gorgeous fiery hue of the center stone, flanked in braided yellow gold. This ring is Special Order and requires 3-6 weeks for fabrication.

harkin ruby engagement ring by DANA WALDEN NYC

Reminiscent of the fiery red leaves of Fall, our Harkin ($12,500) ring is a ruby design set in an ornate whimsical gold setting. Rubies are recognized as a protective gemstone that represents nobility and passion. Historically, rubies were used in talismans that were said to sharpen the mind and lend vitality to the wearer. Allow 3-6 weeks for fabrication as this ring is made to order.

Green sapphire emerald cut engagement ring with diamond accents
Oran ($16,800) is a brand-new museum-quality three stone ring that features a breathtaking deep-green sapphire. The color of the center gem changes depending on the angle and light you're viewing from, giving a brilliant show of juniper, jade, and luxurious teal blue. Set in Platinum, this ethically handmade ring is sure to turn heads. 
stevie orange sapphire engagement ring
This amazing bi-color sapphire with rich orange and yellow at the center is flanked by gemstones to offer incredible visual interest. This unique cluster is a fanciful work of art that is sure to turn heads & start conversations - it will also become an heirloom jewel that you can pass on for generations. Read more about one of a kind Stevie ($3990).


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