Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves...

Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves...

We'd like to officially welcome you to 2022 with big hugs and bright smiles! It has been such a weird, trying time in NYC and the world. We hope everyone is doing alright. (Please comment below to let us know how you are!)

Our audience has grown quite a bit in the last year, and we wanted to say hello to anyone new to the Dana Walden Bridal brand while sharing a bit of info about who we are and what we do here:

Dana Walden Bridal is an ethical, BIPOC-owned fine jewelry design house based in New York City.


Your designers are Dana Walden Chin and Radika Chin, who have worked in the fashion and jewelry industries since the early 2000s. Dana has been designing jewelry as a self-taught bench jeweler since 2003, and the husband-and-wife team has been creating together since 2010. Today, their focus is designing ethically-made fine jewelry and engagement rings for people who embrace art and visual culture; people who find importance in knowing their ring’s designer, how it was made, and where their ring comes from.

Dana & Rad touch every single piece that ships from the Dana Walden studio. They personally source every single gem used in a Dana Walden piece to guarantee every piece is 100% ethical. Dana Walden Bridal clients will never meet with a sales person; all clients meet with Dana & Rad personally. True New Yorkers who love NYC and find inspiration in this great city, Dana & Rad bring a timeless but distinctive perspective to their designs and can't wait to collaborate with you to deliver the unique engagement ring of your dreams (at the budget you set).

To read more about Dana & Rad, visit the Dana Walden About Us page.

A Few Fun Things To Keep In Mind As We Kickoff 2022:

New sapphire engagement ring design- DANA WALDEN NEW YORK CITY


  • Our EXCLUSIVE Ready to Ship Collection (Ships in 2-3 Days) is full of BRAND NEW ethically handmade designs! In most cases there is only 1 of each ring in stock and rings with uniquely-hued gems can often be impossible to replicate. (We just added two amazing new rings today!)
  • We are always looking for DW Couples and DW Brides to feature at ! If YOU want to be featured please email Tabitha at
  • As always, we are grateful for any reviews you share online. Your reviews boost our search ranking and make us more discoverable to new clients, organically. If you have not left a review for us yet, please consider doing so on Google, Yelp, and/or The Knot
  • As always, the studio is open by appointment only. You can review COVID Protocols and Book An Appointment right on our site.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at



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