7 Most-Viewed Engagement Rings of the Week

7 Most-Viewed Engagement Rings of the Week

Here's your insider sneak peek at the top rings of the week (according to Shopify insights). In this list, we'll skip the rings that have sold, and show you popular choices that are still available for sale (Ready to Ship or Special Order).

1. Alexandra Lab Sapphire & Half-Moon Diamond Engagement Ring


alexandra sapphire engagement ring


Alexandra is one of our most popular designs of all time. We recently had a ready to ship option on the site, that moved pretty quickly. Email Dana & Rad at sales@danawaldenbridal.com to inquire about whether there are additional Alexandra rings in the studio now, but also, be aware that as a signature Dana Walden design, Alexandra can be Special Ordered any time and made to order. Starts at $4600; danawaldenbridal.com/alexandra


2. Elsie Oval Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring



Champagne diamonds are so popular this year! Elsie is a gorgeous oval champagne design inspired by a starry night. Ethical diamonds accent a graceful band in this design. $4760; danawaldenbridal.com/elsie


3. Jessa Lab Diamond Engagement Ring



Our classic oval solitaire design, called Jessa, is typically Special Order. After securing an inspirational set of oval lab diamonds, Dana & Rad decided to make a limited run of 1ct lab diamond solitaires available. $5600; danawaldenbridal.com/lab-jessa


4. Elena II Lab Diamond Engagement Ring



In an especially rare event, we've streamlined a signature design and made it available as a ready to ship offering! The Elena art deco engagement ring is by far the most stunning emerald-cut design that most in-studio guests have seen as they searched for the perfect ring. This breathtaking approx. 2ctw ethically handmade design will definitely turn heads. $15,500; danawaldenbridal.com/lab-elena


5. Mallory Kite-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring (Limited Edition)


mallory kite shaped diamond engagement ring


This one of a kind engagement ring was created in collaboration with some of the most skilled diamond cutters in the world. The specially cut center gem has a unique shape, making the ring look like an ornate and luxurious tiara. $6000; danawaldenbridal.com/mallory


6. Luna Teal Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring



This ready to ship engagement ring is perfect for fans of teal sapphires, also known as peacock or mermaid sapphires. Non-traditional brides will love the gothic-style look of this deeply hued gem. $3700; danawaldenbridal.com/luna


7. Annabel 5ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

By far, one of our most luxe classic designs, the stately 5ct design is blindingly beautiful. That hand-selected center stone is surrounded by Dana Walden's signature seamless micro pavé. Starts at $101,650; danawaldenbridal.com/annabel


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