Top 5 Summer Engagement Ring Designs

Top 5 Summer Engagement Ring Designs

Ask most folks what their favorite season is, and many will say summer. It's the time of the year for steamy beach destinations and warm-weather fun.

Summer beach destination stock image- Unsplash

Photo Nattu Adnan/ Unsplash

As folks get back to traveling after a long year of quarantine and staying close to home, many of our clients are taking their proposals to some gorgeous locales. In many cases, couples seek a ring that will timelessly encapsulate the magic of their destination proposal!

Here, we share Dana Walden's top 5 summery engagement ring designs, evocative of the bright summer sun and the warmth of your forever love.

Summer Ring 2021- SIENNA diamond engagement ring by Dana Walden

The Dana Walden classic SIENNA is a handcrafted masterpiece with an art deco vibe. Each conflict-free diamond is hand-selected by Dana and Rad personally to ensure you have a cohesive and flawless jewel. Set in ethical yellow gold, it's hard not to think of the sun when gazing at this breathtaking piece. Starts $8800;

Summer Rings 2021- Chantalle orange sapphire engagement ring

CHANTALLE is the only bright-orange sapphire creation in our collection. A gorgeous roped band and halo evokes passionate flames around a jubilant and vibrant center gem. Starts $1900;

Summer Engagement Rings 2021- Athena Champagne Sapphire engagement ring

Light bright ATHENA is perfect for brides seeking a non-traditional and ornate design. The crystal clear champagne sapphire is surrounded by a handcrafted halo of ethical metal and diamonds. $4100;

*This unique and ethically handmade ring is READY TO SHIP NOW. That means you can have it in hand in as little as 2-3 days for a proposal THIS summer.

Summer Rings 2021- Junia blue sapphire rose gold engagement rings

Part of our Beach Vibes round up last year, JUNIA is a one of a kind sapphire solitaire. The deep blue sapphire shown here is a truly unique shape and evocative of the sea. The rose gold setting brought to mind warm beach sands. This ring has sold, but you can reach out to Dana & Rad about commissioning another to be made. Please be aware that pricing on your version of this ring may vary based on the gemstones that are available for your project. As shown, $4300;

Yellow sapphire engagement ring perfect for summer proposal

Our final Summer Rings selection is none other than the wildly popular THEA. With this shining yellow sapphire, every glimpse of the hand is taking in a ray of sunshine! It is virtually impossible not to smile while wearing this ring. The ornate band features ethical diamond assets for added sparkle throughout the piece. This ring has sold, but you can reach out to Dana & Rad about commissioning another to be made. Please be aware that pricing on your version of this ring may vary based on the gemstones that are available for your project. As shown, $4350;

Pro Tip:

If you like THEA, you can check out ready to ship AMINA.



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