Starting your future with a treasure from the past is a wonderful way to celebrate your commitment. With a vintage engagement ring, you have the luxury of combining history, beauty, and ethics into one lovely jewel.


Vintage and antique jewels are known for having unique flourishes that are specific to their period. Sometimes these details appear in the form of intricate filigree and engraving or expertly paved diamonds that were fashioned entirely by hand. At Dana Walden Bridal, all of our vintage jewelry is personally selected by Designer/Curator, Rad Chin, with the following priorities in mind -- quality, originality and beauty. Designs range from the intricate lace-like settings of the Edwardian Era; to the bold colors and lines of the Deco Period; to the diamond encrusted motifs of the Mid-Century. Each ring reflects the soul of their era and artisan; no two rings are ever alike.


We pride ourselves on using recycled metals in all of our jewelry, but did you know that vintage engagement rings are considered eco-friendly as well? Since you're selecting a ring that is already in existence, there is no additional need for mining. You can feel good about helping to decrease the global demand for newly mined gold and the environmental destruction that comes with it.


Another important characteristic that Rad looks for in vintage engagement rings is 'value'. An avid vintage collector, she frequents her favorite dealers from around the world and buys her favorite pieces all at once. This helps to keep her costs down, which she then extends to you. Another note worthy factor is that vintage engagement rings are often priced less than their modern counterparts due to the current high price of precious metals.


Our vintage rings include a complimentary appraisal (value $250) from an accredited gemological laboratory, which will include a retail price and detailed report of the ring. The appraisal will be laminated, inscribed with your name, and can be used to obtain ring insurance. In addition to an appraisal, we offer clients the satisfaction of knowing that their vintage ring will be fully inspected, reinforced and professionally cleaned before they leave our studio.