Micro-Pavé Engagement Ring Information

Micro pavé diamond engagement ring with halo by DANA WALDEN

micro pavé 

of jewels
: gems set as close together as possible to conceal a metal base
: use of very small, similarly sized diamonds set very close together using very small prongs, as opposed to pavé which utilizes larger diamonds.

All About Micro-Pavé

Rings with micro-pavé are extremely delicate because we're essentially manipulating very small bits of metal around tiny diamonds. We've worked for years to perfect our ratio of stone-to-metal, creating rings that are seamless and delicate, yet strong and secure. That said, our micro-pavé diamond rings are still more delicate than rings without these accent diamonds in place. Rings that feature the shimmer of micro-pavé diamond accents require a lighter touch, paired with a realistic understanding of care and maintenance, and a part of this understanding is accepting that your small diamonds will likely have to be replaced from time to time.

unique engagement rings by DANA WALDEN
It's difficult to estimate how often a client will need diamond replacement because every person wears their jewelry differently; there is however, a direct correlation between how clean your keep your jewelry (and how well you follow our care instructions) and how often you may need repairs.
Some of our clients have Dana Walden rings for over 10 years without ever needing a diamond replacement or repair, while other clients request biannual repairs. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it's important that you work with a designer that is honest and will partner with you for the lifetime of your ring. This ensures that your special jewel will continue to be worked on by the very artisans who created it and understand its composition. We will always be as transparent as possible with you, and will always charge a fair & nominal fee for needed repairs and maintenance of all Dana Walden rings.

Micro-Pavé Diamond Replacement

Should you loose one of the small diamonds (under 2mm) in your Dana Walden creation, we will replace it for a nominal fee (starting at $95 per diamond). Read more about Professional Engagement Ring Cleaning & Repairs.

Engagement Ring Care

Stone setting techniques have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Again, we are manipulating precious metal over and around gemstones in a way that balances their security and visibility. While our engagement rings are handcrafted to endure generations, they are not indestructible. Following the care instructions below will help you keep your engagement ring secure and beautiful for years to come.
    • Do make sure your engagement ring is the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off in the evening.
    • Do store your engagement ring in your Dana Walden ring box when it is not being worn.
    • Do not wear your engagement ring during activities that may expose it to chemicals or a hard blow (i.e. sports, gardening, cleaning, etc.)
    • Do not remove your ring by pulling at the center stone, which will weaken the prongs/setting over time; gently slide it off from the base instead.
    • Do not wear your engagement ring while swimming or showering, as your fingers shrink in water.
    • Do not wear your engagement ring while applying lotions, creams or make-up, as this will lead to a dulling build-up on your ring.

 Janie teal sapphire engagement ring - DANA WALDEN

Cleaning Your Ring at Home

You can clean your ring at home by mixing warm water with a few drops of dish washing liquid in a small bowl. Let your ring soak for one minute. Using a very soft toothbrush (a baby toothbrush is best), gently brush behind the stone where grime can collect. Do not brush the face of your ring, as you may accidentally loosen prongs in the process. Rinse your ring thoroughly and pat to dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Watch a video of the process.
*If you have an emerald engagement ring (which is more fragile than diamonds or sapphires), be sure to soak your ring for 1 minute only. Never use ultra-sonic cleaners on emerald jewelry.

Professional Cleaning of Your Ring

Every Dana Walden client receives ONE (1) complimentary professional grade cleaning per year. The process involves a thorough ultra-sonic cleaning and steam clean that will leave your engagement ring sparkling.

If we find that your engagement ring is in need of repair or prong tightening when it is being inspected for cleaning, we will contact you via email.

If you'd like to schedule an engagement ring cleaning, simply send an email to sales@danawaldenbridal.com with your request. A member of our team will schedule you with a 15-minute window to drop off your ring, as well as a 15-minute window to pick up your ring.

If you've already redeemed your annual engagement ring cleaning and would like an additional cleaning, the price is $60 per cleaning and will include a complimentary metal polish. Read more about Professional Engagement Ring Cleaning & Repairs.


FINE PRINT: Cleaning & repair services by drop off or mail are "at your own risk." If we find that your ring is need of repair during our cleaning session (i.e. loose prongs, missing diamonds, etc.), we will send you an email with a description of our inspection findings and pricing for the repair(s) for your approval/ feedback. It is not uncommon for small diamonds from pavé and micro pavé to come loose during cleanings because of excess dirt build-up and/or worn prongs. If this happens during cleaning, we will notify you immediately and there will be a repair fee for replacing and re-setting these diamonds, if that is the path you choose to take. Alternatively, we can complete the cleaning and return your ring to you for repair at a later date. We will need to keep your engagement ring for approx. 10-14 business days OR 2-3 weeks during peak times/ holiday season to inspect your ring and to complete requested cleaning/repair(s). This timeline is subject to change if inspection reveals other work needs to be done and will will keep you looped in every step of the way. Ultimately all work is subject to your approval before we begin repair(s). Additionally, Dana Walden Bridal reserves the right to refuse service(s) for any reason including requests that may go against the expert advice of our designers, requests that may be deemed a liability to the integrity of our jewelry or overall business standards, and/or other client-requested modifications that may result in any possible risk to the wearer.