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Dana Walden Bridal solitaire by DANA WALDEN

Dana Walden jewelry is created using sustainable metals from melted down, already existing supplies. By using recycled metals we help to decrease the global demand for newly mined metals, which come at a cost to our environment and to people. We encourage you to commemorate your special union in a way that respects our environment and each other. All of the gems we use are responsibly sourced, which means you can feel great about wearing your ethically handmade Dana Walden engagement ring every day.


The Basics

Gold has been used in the creation of fine jewelry for centuries. It is a precious metal, known for its malleability and distinct yellow color.  The strength of gold increases with the introduction of metal alloys, making it a great choice for engagement rings.  The price of gold jewelry increases with the purity (karat weight) and the level of craftsmanship in each piece.

Jessa oval solitaire engagement ring by DANA WALDEN


In its purest form, gold is too soft for everyday wear. As a result, it is alloyed with metals like silver, copper, nickel and zinc to make it stronger. Karatage is denoted by the "k" that you see in 14k gold, for example. The "k" indicates purity and is expressed in 24ths, making 24k gold, 100% gold.

We craft our jewelry in 14k gold, which contains approximately 58.3% of pure gold. We prefer this composition to 18k gold (approximately 70% pure gold) because the higher concentration of alloys allows for more strength and durability. This composition also produces a  neutral gold color that looks lovely on all skin tones.


Yellow & Rose Gold

yellow and rose gold engagement rings by dana walden bridal nyc

Yellow gold gets its signature color from mixing pure gold with color saturated alloys, like copper and silver. In rose gold, the beautiful pink hue comes from a higher concentration of copper than silver. The percentage of gold present in your ring is dependent on the karatage and will not vary with color. Rings crafted in14k yellow gold contain the same amount of pure gold as those crafted 14k rose or 14k white gold.


White Gold

white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring

White gold jewelry is known for its bright white finish. This color is achieved by alloying gold with other white metals, and plating it with rhodium. Rhodium is an extremely hard element from the platinum family of metals. Rhodium plating may wear off over time. The finish can be easily restored by re-plating it. 



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