Designing the Perfect Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You're looking for an engagement ring. But, where to begin? We broke down designing the perfect diamond solitaire and here we'll explain diamond halo engagement rings. This classic approach to engagement ring design is indeed timeless, but it takes a skilled jeweler to make a piece look truly distinctive; that particular sweet spot, along with a commitment to ethical production, is our specialty. If you are looking for a beautiful and one-of-a-kind creation that you can truly feel good about wearing every single day, then you're in the right place.

Shown here: SIENNA engagement ring


When you talk about a "halo" on an engagement ring you're generally talking about a frame of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds adorning the perimeter of a larger center gemstone. You can opt for a single halo, double halo, or even an "only-metal" halo (precious metal frame). 

Halo engagement rings

Shown here: LONDON BLUE and JANIE engagement rings


The size of the stones in your halo will play into the overall look of your engagement ring, as shown with the two sapphire options above (a look made popular by Princess Diana Spencer and Princess Kate Middleton). But did you know that a diamond halo can really amp up the sparkle of your ring and make a half-carat center stone look 2x larger?


 Shown here: ELENA engagement ring


Halos can also be metal-only and they can feature interesting shapes and design flourishes. Regardless of your budget, a halo can expand the spread of your ring for a truly luxe and character-filled bridal look.
Athena and Remi Engagement Rings

Shown here: ATHENA and REMI engagement rings


Here at Dana Walden, we specialize in ultra-thin, micro-pavé settings with a a light, airy look. As veteran designers of handmade jewelry, co-founders and designers Dana Walden Chin and Radika Chin create beautiful halos every single day.


Shown here: The MAIYA ring


Dana believes that designing the perfect halo involves having a light design touch; that is, sculpting metal and paving it with diamonds while making sure the center stone remains the focus. 


Halo Engagement Ring Designs - Dana Walden Bridal


Your diamond halo should never, ever overwhelm or overpower your center stone and we are very mindful of that fact. Diamond halos are among our most-requested designs because there are so many possibilities to create a truly versatile, custom (and classic-yet-nontraditional) look. It bears repeating that a halo is a great way to make your center diamond appear much, much larger for a maximalist and luxe engagement look that won't break the bank. 


Diamond Halo engagement ring

Shown here: ANASTASIA engagement ring


To create a design that is wearable, your halo should be seamless and should be designed around the exact metrics of your center stone. Pro Tip: There should not be a gap between your halo and center diamond, so beware of poorly-fitted and poorly-designed diamond halos when you are shopping around.


Primrose engagement ring large

Shown here: Our PRIMROSE engagement ring


Don’t underestimate the importance of this detail: selecting the size of your accent diamonds is actually really important and can vary greatly, depending on the look you'd like to achieve. Most prefer a timeless halo with the thinnest micro-pavé diamonds possible, like our PRIMROSE ring. Other folks prefer a vintage cluster feel, and so Dana will select large accent diamonds to create this effect, as he does in the KENDALL ring.


Shivana Diamond Ring

Shown here: Our SHIVANA Diamond engagement ring


Dana Walden Studio masterfully creates halos around colored sapphires and colored diamonds, too. The extra white flash & sparkle elevates designs and make large rings appear beautifully light and balanced. Our LINZA, JANIE, and the brand-new SHIVANA  are some examples of this.


Terry diamond halo engagement ring

Shown here: Our TERRY engagement ring


You can also create a halo with a floral or nature-inspired look. These are romantic, organic, and bit more whimsical. Examples of this kind of design are TERRY, ANASTASIA, and MAIYA. Among Dana Walden’s most popular halo designs are our avant-garde, art deco-style rings like SIENNA and ELENA (1st and 3rd photos above).


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