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Catherine S.

The BEST vintage engagement rings ever! I got mine yesterday and it came with a complimentary appraisal. The best part is that my appraisal came in at almost $1000 more than I paid for it :) My bf (now my Fiance!) and I picked it out together and he proposed last night.

Thanks To DW for making my engagement ring experience absolutely wonderful. Much love from Australia!

And Dana & Rad, if you’re reading this, I will be sending you pics from the proposal soon <3


Stephanie Palmer

Dana Walden Bridal is simply a gem! They offer an exquisite, thoughtfully chosen collection of antique & estate engagement rings at the best prices around. I was a bit hesitant about ordering an engagement ring online, so I gave them a call and they happily walked me through all of my options. They even sent me a video of my ring — it was far more beautiful in person, but it really helped me make my purchase.

Bottom line is Dana and Rad really care about their customers and are extremely talented designers and vintage curators. Rad told us that she’s been collecting antique jewelry her whole life…and it shows!

P.S. I went to Doyle & Doyle, and while their selection was lovely, their prices were way higher than what I saw at Dana Walden. I assume DW is able to keep their prices low because they primarily sell online.

Golden Evadora

My fiance and i met at an art/ sculpture work project about 2.5 years ago. we first were friends, working together every day for 5 months and really getting to know each others personalities. When i had to leave America for a half year we stayed in touch. when i came back i invited him to one of my dance performances and that night he kissed me and since then it was clear we are the one for each other. i am German and he is Afro American. next Wednesday the 12th of June we will get married in Manhattan. so far we have cheap rings :) And we are super excited.


My fiancé surprised me with a lovely blue sapphire engagement ring from Dana Walden a month ago. From the resizing, to considering wedding bands, to making additional adjustments to the ring so that it would wear well and secure, the staff was personable, helpful, and good about following up.

I have the Violette in blue sapphire and white gold. It couldn’t be more beautiful and I get tons of compliments.

Thank you Dana & Rad!

Robert & Pamela

Wonderful designs and even better service! I’ve never been able to find a setting that I love…until I stumbled across Dana Walden’s website. Dana did a great job helping me pick out the perfect setting for my grandmother’s diamond and making sure it was exactly what we wanted. We decided on the Juliette in 14k white gold and the setting did exactly what Dana said it would…it made our 0.60 carat diamond look huge! I’m sure Pamela didn’t have a problem with that :)

A big thank you to Dana for making this process easy and fun. And thanks again for rushing our rings for free.

Tricia B.

Dana Walden has some of the most unique settings I have ever seen. And I’m not talking about your standard diamond halo that everyone has on, either. They create sculptural settings that are whimsical, sparkly, and artistic. What more could you ask for? What’s more is that Dana and Rad are both a pleasure to work with. We corresponded by email and phone only, and they never missed a beat. I got the ring of my dreams, and no one else has anything remotely like it. Thanks Rad & Dana.

Kevin P.

After months & countless hours spent online searching for the perfect gemstone engagement ring for my g/f, I finally stumbled upon Dana Walden’s site one Friday morning. The problem I kept running into with other sites/companies were either their designs looked to similar to others or I kept finding their rings were simply mass produced. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but for me I knew my g/f wanted her ring to be unique & one of a kind! When I found the “Monique” I knew it was exactly what I’ve been searching for! When I contacted Dana Walden to inquire about the details of the ring I expected to speak to someone at some huge call center somewhere, but as I’ve read previously on another customer’s testimonial, I was totally shocked when it was Radika herself on the other line! She explained everything there is to know about the ring I was choosing, all the details, and even reassured me that based on what I told her about my g/f, she knew the “Monique” was the ring she would love, and Radika was absolutely right! The photos/vid on the site do not do the ring any justice, it is simply stunning in person! I couldn’t have been any happier with my purchase, but what obviously sealed the deal for me was the fact that my fiancee (still need to get used to that) is soooo in love with her amethyst engagement ring. We will definitely be coming back when it comes time for the wedding band…Dana Walden’s quality is definitely unmatched & Radika even provided a complimentary gift to go with the ring! If this isn’t exceptional customer service, I don’t know what is!

Philip C.

Dana was recommended by a very close friend of mine. He was extremely prompt and professional in responding to my email about crafting an engagement ring for my fiancee. He guided me expertly in creating a beautifully designed three stone ring that was exactly what my fiancee wanted and that was within my budget. My fiancee actually said that she couldn’t have picked a better ring herself! I can’t say enough good things about Dana. He was amazing to work with and I definitely will come back to him in the future.

Tory C.

My fiance and I went to after it was recommended to me by a coworker (who shall remain nameless, because despite having searched for engagement rings, he still has yet to get engaged :)) I know absolutely nothing about jewelry but spent a lot of time on the DW website. After a week of browsing, I wasn’t sure what ring I wanted, though I did narrow it down to about 3 styles. I decided to send them an email asking for advice and Radika responded to me within 2 hours.

Our experience with Dana Walden has been great. Radika made the process of finding an engagement ring totally painless and showed great care and respect for our taste, price point, etc. Their selection of engagement ring settings is great and once I picked my setting (Josette), Radika sourced a diamond for us that was in our price range and spent time helping us make a decision about the 4 c’s. I absolutely love my ring.

I know that we will return to many times in the future – not only for the jewelry, but because Dana and Radika make it a great experience.

Winnie H.

My boyfriend proposed a few days ago and got me the most beautiful engagement ring from Dana Walden. The ring was a bit too big so I sent them an email to request the complimentary re-sizing. I was so nervous. Dana (yes, the “Dana” of Dana Walden) assured me that my ring would be fine and that re-sizing was completely normal. I went to a local jeweler and asked them to size me and gave Dana the correct size which was a 4 1/2 (from a size 5). I sent them my ring, as requested, and one week later, my ring was done. They shipped it to me in Los Angeles. Again, I was so nervous just opening up the package! What a relief! The ring looks like nothing happened and fits wonderfully. This place is wonderful. If you’re worried about sending them your ring, just know that they are very good at what they do. Of course reading this won’t rid you of that anxiety, but hopefully it can help. Dana and his wife Rad were so kind and truly happy for their bride/groom to be. I’m looking forward to getting our wedding bands from them.


I LOVE DANA WALDEN!!! We bought my engagement ring, our wedding bands, and my wedding day earrings from them. The customer service is impeccable and their designs are exquisite! I will always be a customer and they also have the best selection of cool fashion jewelry. Again, I LOVE DW, and if you want a guided and professional experience, this is the only place to shop for engagement rings.

Rose & Bill

The boyfriend and I are jewelry amateurs, so I did a lot of googling after we started discussing marriage. All I could figure out for sure (ringwise) is that I didn’t want a cookie cutter ring from Zales. A friend told me about and how they designed unique engagement rings. I checked out their site and could not believe my eyes…they designed the most beautiful rings I’d ever seen and they sure were not cookie cutter. They also had videos which was an added plus. My husband and I were really skeptical about ordering online, but we decided to take the leap and just place the order. Radika (Dana’s wife) emailed me right after I ordered the Zoe in diamond and assured me that I was in good hands. Here’s what I ordered:

About 4 weeks later we received my ring in the mail and it was even more beautiful in person. I would say that the only con is the production time because the I was getting so anxious about my ring! I couldn’t be happier with my ring and Bill is the fiance now! I love the ring, I love him, and I’m sure we’ll be back to get our bands made.


Both my rings and my husband’s ring are from Dana Walden. We both needed a size exchange and everything went smoothly. Our rings look great!

Todd & Nora

Break free of the complex that makes you want the same exact engagement ring that everyone else has and shop with Dana Walden! DW’s prices are so much better than any other designers I’ve encountered and their pieces are so much more unique. Todd and I ended up getting a cool black diamond engagement ring with white diamond accents but if you want something more traditional, they can do that too. Love this place and love Dana and his wife Radika even more. They sourced a rose cut black diamond just for me and my ring couldn’t be any more special. Thanks guys :)

May Q.

I chose to get my engagement ring from Dana Walden after meeting two women (friends of friends) that had the most beautiful engagement rings…and guess who designed them? BINGO! Dana Walden.

I googled them as soon as I got home and browsed their website for HOURS, literally. I’ve never been on a jewelry website where the hardest part was picking out what piece I want. This is how good their designs are. After a couple of days of deciding, I settled on a ring. It’s called Violette (I learned from their website that it was the first engagement ring they ever designed, which makes it even more special) and I wanted the version with a yellow sapphire. Side note: I couldn’t believe how affordable their rings were…I got the coolest ring ever for under $5000. It told my Fiance what I wanted and he purchased the ring online. It was supposed to take about 4 weeks to get it and it ended up being done in 2 weeks! He proposed and now I have the most amazing engagement ring I could have ever imagined.

If you want an engagement ring that is unique and different, shop with Dana Walden.

Calla M.

I couldn’t have been happier with the service or the craftsmanship I found at Dana Walden. I never expected to find this level of customer service and quality from an on-line boutique. Dana and Radika took the stone from a tacky 1980’s diamond family ring I had (an 0.50 carat diamond) and set it into their Celine engagement ring. Yes, the process took patience, as I had to wait 3 weeks for production, but it was totally worth it. If you want a super-fast turnaround you should get your engagement ring from the local mall jewelry store. But if you want a meticulous artist to create a one-of-a-kind ring that will make you glow every time you look at it, this is the place for you. I can’t wait to purchase the Desiree wedding band that perfectly matches my engagement ring!

Katie & Andrew

My wife and I had our engagement ring and wedding bands designed by Dana Walden. We originally wanted to have Katie’s ring custom made, but after visiting their website we found unique designs that were out of this world. I figured I’d leave the designing up to the real Designers, especially since they’re so darn good at what they do. Katie gets compliments every day on her Juliette engagement ring in blue sapphire. She chose the Camille wedding band, which is a perfect fit for her unique ring and I chose the Kent wedding band. They shipped our pieces to San Francisco in a timely manner and even waived our rush fee, which was really nice of them.

The best thing about Dana Walden is that Dana & Radika really work with you to give you what you want. They’re problem solvers when they need to be. In the case of my wife, first she thought she wanted them to make her a custom wedding band with a new design that would complement her engagement ring. Radika was really patient and creative in helping generate ideas. Then, my wife changed her mind, and decided to go with the Camille wedding band after she saw pictures and video on their website. The videos are amazing and really helpful.

Even though we purchased our engagement ring and wedding bands online, the experience was personal. We exchanged emails daily and I never felt like I was alone. I would encourage everyone to buy an engagement ring from Dana Walden. My wife truly got the engagement ring and wedding band of her dreams, and my work is done!

Lora M

Just received my Madison earrings this past weekend. I was so excited to see them wrapped in a pretty bow & personal note. The earrings are awesome & I’ve already gotten so many compliments on them. Thanks for always having great products!

Russel S

Radika and Dana were so helpful and gracious with their time. They sat with us and made sure we were comfortable with our purchase. They even helped outsource a jewelry for the diamond! If you are looking for a “Tiffany’s experience” this might not be your cup of tea, but if you want to feel like you are kickin back with some friends that actually care if you are happy with your significant purchase, then this is your place! And the ring… AMAZING!

Kate B

After engagement ring shopping for almost a year, we finally decided on rings from the Dana Walden bridal collection. Because we are a same sex couple, however, we have been riding the up and downs of the California Proposition 8 trial. As it stands for the time being, we can not marry in our home state. In recognition of that fact, we have purchased the Romer v. Evans loving rings from Dana Walden rights collection to serve as engagement rings until we do have the right to marry. The purchase process was fast and simple, the rings arrived quickly and far exceeded our expectations. Just in the last few days it has been really great looking down at our rings as a reminder that we are not second class citizens, and that someday we will have full equal protection under the law. We also received a follow up email asking not only how we like our rings, but asking for any suggestions or comments for future designs. It has been a complete pleasure to conduct business with Radika & Dana and I can’t wait to order our bridal jewelry from them when we have the right to marry (although I’m sure I’ll be ordering some of their other jewelry in the meantime).

Josh W

After an utterly disappointing trip to Smythe Jewlers, I realized I was going to have to come up with something a little more original if I wanted an exceptional engagement ring for my fiancee to be. I stumbled onto the Dana Walden website during my internet perusal, and I fell in love with their Organic Celine Engagement ring. It is absolutely stunning, and I knew it would be perfect for my lady. I live in Baltimore and went up to NYC for the day to meet with Dana and Radika. They were incredibly welcoming from the moment I got there and were happy to spend over an hour with me talking about different settings, their process, and answering all of my questions. They were incredibly personable, and it felt right having these people create the ring that I would give to my future wife. The ring turned out beautifully, and they were able to incorporate a family diamond that I had provided. They shipped it down to me in Maryland, and I have been engaged since October. We were so thrilled with the final product that we are planning on asking them to create our wedding bands as well! If you are looking for beautiful, hand crafted jewelry and personal attention, I would strongly recommend Dana Walden.

Sacha M

beautiful stuff. real craftsmanship.

Connie McCabe

When my husband asked me what I would like for Christmas, my immediate answer was “something from Dana Walden.” After going online, Chris came back to me to narrow things down. I told him I would like a ring. Come Christmas morning, I received a ring. I was — and am — thrilled. I love all the DW lines, and have quite a few pieces. But the ties to NY history and the Central Park quartz used in some pieces make the line extra special for me. It’s funny. I’m a native New Yorker living in Maine. And Dana is a native Mainer living in New York!


As part of my search for an engagement ring for my now-fiance, I approached Rad & Dana with a rough design for a custom-made ring. I had spoken with other designers and retailers of various sizes, but Rad & Dana were the only ones who were able to not only capture the look I wanted but to also introduce me to certain design ideas that truly enhanced the ring’s overall effect. In short time, they produced a ring that my fiance could not be happier with. The ring is exceptional – flawless materials, clean lines, perfect proportions – and Rad & Dana’s skill and dedication to the process are clearly evident in the end result.


Have two rings (so far) and love them both. Perfect signature pieces that stand out because they’re so unique — they always get noticed and I always get compliments. Skillfully crafted, beautifully designed, quality pieces that go with everything. I’ll be back for more…

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