Will Hand Sanitizer Damage My Engagement Ring?

Will Hand Sanitizer Damage My Engagement Ring?
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Short answer is YES.  

Over time, use of hand sanitizer while wearing jewelry will slowly erode the finish of  any fine metals that it comes it contact with and could dull your gem. Hand sanitizer will especially impact the finish of white gold. Fact is, the increased use of many cleaning agents such as bleach, antibacterial soaps and more, could all expedite the aging of your fine jewelry, while it protects you from harmful bacteria and germs.
So, what to do? In our "new normal" after COVID-19, health comes first and following hygiene best practices is key for your safety and well being, as well as the safety of those around you. The answer here is NOT to reduce use of hand sanitizer or bacteria-killing cleaners.

Instead, plan to remove your ring before washing or sanitizing hands and putting your ring back on once you've dried your hands or hand sanitizer has evaporated fully. That's the move, right there.

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To be clear, many lotions, face creams, and other beauty products can serve to muck up your jewelry over the course of the week, so we recommend cleaning your jewelry with a gentle solution of warm water and dish soap once a week. Make it a little ritual every Sunday afternoon, where you mindfully brush off your ring with a soft/ baby toothbrush and take some time to appreciate the beauty and memories connected to your piece of fine jewelry or engagement ring.


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