Champagne Diamonds, Perfect for a New Year Proposal

Champagne Diamonds, Perfect for a New Year Proposal

Who doesn't love champagne? The New Years' Eve staple played a pretty prominent role in DW designers Dana and Rad's own proposal story, but there is always a growing interest in champagne designs as we draw closer to the end of the year.

Champagne glasses being filled- Unsplash

Upon noticing this interest, we got to work creating some one-of-a-kind new champagne engagement rings. They are all conflict free and ethically handmade. After launching two rings on Instagram Stories, one immediately sold (Fiona, pictured below).


So we announced another champagne diamond design shortly thereafter.

Hattie Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

Our Hattie engagement ring is one of our most romantic creations. We designed this unique piece around an exquisite 1 carat cushion cut champagne diamond sourced from the world famous Argyle Diamond Mines in Australia (now closed).

For the Hattie design, custom compass prongs were fashioned to create symmetry and balance. A floral inspired band was fabricated to create an air of whimsy, while 6 marquise shaped diamonds add sparkle and light around that character-filled center gemstone.

Handmade in 14k yellow gold. Ships in 2-3 days as is (Size 6) or you can add 7 days for resizing, if needed. $4200. Visit the Hattie Product Page

Avaline champagne diamond repost

Meanwhile, a posts about our classic Champagne Solitaire, Avaline, always get an amazing response from our community. Visit the Avaline Product Page.

To explore other Champagne designs from Dana Walden, click the links below:

Or just enter CHAMPAGNE into the search bar. Alternatively, you can email us at to learn if there are any BRAND NEW champagne pieces in stock that haven't been added to the site as yet. 


Diamonds Diamond Sourcing in NYC

 More to come on Champagne Diamonds soon...


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