Most Viewed Rings of the Week

Most Viewed Rings of the Week

As holiday shopping ramps up, Dana & Rad have made an unprecedented amount of READY TO SHIP designs available. These designs all ship in 2-3 days "as is" or 9-10 days if you need the item resized.

Ready to Ship offerings now include brand-new designs, Special Order favorites (like Elena II, Jessa and Alexandra shown above), museum-quality luxe Platinum pieces, and items pulled from the vast DW archives.

If you've had an eye on any of our one of a kind designs, please know that many of the items in our Ready to Ship Collection are often impossible to replicate due to the truly unique nature of the gems that Rad sources for these pieces.

Here are the top trending Ready to Ship pieces available now, in terms of climbing page views. Plan ahead to make sure you secure the piece you want to gift this holiday season!



We've just added this stunning bi-color sapphire engagement ring to the site and the views are already ramping up. Purple sapphires are among our most requested gemstones. This gem is one of Rad's favorites because it renders not one but two distinct color zones: deep purple and fuchsia in a tasteful and subtle bi-color, blended display. $9000; Visit the Ophelia Product Page


This teal sapphire engagement ring features a blinding demi-halo of ethical white diamonds. A true piece of art, this ring is the heirloom of the future with a beautiful asymmetrical design. That peacock sapphire hue and partial halo is a nod to the most famous sapphire & diamond engagement ring of all time, while still being a breath of fresh air. $5500; Visit the Gwen Product Page


Some of our favorite brides this year opted for our gray diamond designs. Edgy, unique gemstones stones really shine when placed into Dana Walden's balanced and refined classic settings and this is a great example of that dichotomy. $6750; Visit the Heather Product Page

Jessa 1.51ct

Jessa is one of our most-loved solitaire engagement rings. The idea is classic, but the details are contemporary: a fiery lab-grown diamond with no mining impact, clawed prongs, ultra-thin band, recycled yellow gold. The heirloom of the future is here. $6725; Visit the Jessa 1.51ct Product Page


A minimalist champagne diamond design, this brilliant ring features a sleek setting made of recycled rose gold. NSEW prongs, set at "North, South, East, and West" appear to draw even more attention to the one of a kind gemstone, as opposed to distracting from it. $6050; Visit the Fawn Product Page



See ALL Ready to Ship Rings- Please note that most rings *can* be resized. Indicate sizing needs in the NOTES field at checkout

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