How to Measure Your Ring Size

How to Measure Your Ring Size

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When you're making a fine jewelry purchase online, it's natural to have a few questions and a common concern among online shoppers is regarding accurate ring sizing. When your ring arrives, it should fit absolutely PERFECTLY. Thankfully, there are a few different ways for you to find out your current ring size at home.

Printable Ring Sizing Guide

You can print this ring sizer at 100% scaling to determine your ring size. Just place a ring you already own right over the circles on the page. The mm measurements within each circle in our chart denotes DIAMETER of the size indicated. NOTE: It is very important that you print the Ring Sizer at 100% scaling, otherwise the measurements will not be accurate. Use the "credit card" scale at the bottom right of the page to ensure your Printable Ring Sizer is correctly scaled.


This is what our printed ring sizer looks like online

This is just a screenshot of the Ring sizer. Make sure you click the link above to download our paper sizer, and set your print scaling to 100% before printing! Download here.


If you have no other rings that fit, you can measure your finger with a piece of string and cross reference the length of that string with US ring size circumferences. Here’s a list of those measurements:

Circumference mm for Ring Sizes 3-13

Size 3 = 44.2mm
Size 3.5 = 44.5mm
Size 4 = 46.8mm
Size 4.5 = 48.0mm
Size 5 = 49.3mm
Size 5.5 = 50.6mm
Size 6 = 51.9mm
Size 6.5 = 53.1mm
Size 7 = 54.4mm
Size 7.5 = 55.7mm
Size 8 = 57.0mm

Size 8.5 = 58.3mm
Size 9 = 59.5mm
Size 9.5 = 60.8mm
Size 10 = 62.1mm
Size 10.5 = 63.4mm
Size 11 = 64.6mm
Size 11.5 = 65.9mm
Size 12 = 67.2mm
Size 12.5 = 68.5mm
Size 13 = 69.7mm
Size 13.5 = 71.0mm



Order a Plastic Ring Sizer

If you’re a collector or just plan to buy a few rings in the near future, owning a more permanent ring sizer might make sense. They’re widely available for $3-$10 online, but we’ll happily send DW clients a plastic “mini-belt” sizer by mail so you can confirm your ring size before you finalize your order. You can email us at to request a plastic ring sizer by mail.

Professional Sizing

When you’re investing in fine jewelry, some folks prefer to leave the measurements to the pros. Your jeweler will be able to tell you things like how your band’s width might impact the fit of your ring, and other things that aren’t common knowledge. If you have an in-studio appointment with us, we’re happy to personally measure you with all of the details of your desired ring in mind. That said, here are a few of those pro sizing tips for you to keep in your back pocket:

  • Thin, delicate bands tend to run a tad larger, while wider bands tend to fit more snugly. Consider the width of your ring’s band when determining the size you order for a particular piece. You might consider sizing up on wider bands, like our Haylee Cigar Band.
  • Warm weather can make your fingers swell and cold weather takes your finger size down. Make sure you measure at room temperature to get the most accurate read. The best time of day to measure is about midday, as fingers can be a bit swollen in the morning.
  • Remember that anything from "what you’ve eaten for breakfast" to "what you did" before getting measured can lead to an inaccurate measurement; salty foods or cocktails and/or strenuous activity can cause hands to swell. Be mindful of how the day's activities, as well as factors like travel (do your hands swell on airplanes?) or medications may impact inflammation in your day-to-day life.
  • Consider the general shape of your fingers and knuckles when measuring for a new ring. Tapered fingers (widest at the base) should opt for a snug fit since rings can slide off and over narrower knuckles. “Knotted fingers” (widest at the knuckle) require a ring to be sized to fit over that knuckle. As a result, your ring might be a bit large for the base of your finger. To avoid any undesirable sliding or shifting of your ring in these cases, consider “sizing beads” which are fairly easy to add or remove from your ring.

Getting Your Ring Resized

When all else fails, we’re happy to resize your Dana Walden piece, which generally takes us about 7 business days from the time your piece arrives at the studio by mail or drop off. Just email us at to make a formal request so we can help you to coordinate the effort.



Download our Printable Ring Sizer

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