Ready to Ship Jessa, 3 Ways

Ready to Ship Jessa, 3 Ways

The JESSA oval diamond solitaire engagement ring is a signature Dana Walden design that puts our designers' mastery on full display. Creating a well-balanced diamond solitaire engagement ring that is timeless and beautiful from every angle is a tremendous design challenge because there are no bells and whistles to hide behind. It's all about exacting, balanced, harmonious design.

Jessa oval diamond solitaire engagement ring

For the first time, due to popular demand, we have THREE lab diamond Jessa Oval Solitaire Engagement rings in our ready to ship collection. At the current time, there is ONE of each ring in stock:

Jessa Oval Solitaires are one of our most sought after designs, featuring thoughtful and sophisticated elements including handcrafted split claw prongs, and a thin & delicate but durable polished band. Every ethical gem is hand selected by the designers' themselves to ensure your pieces looks flawless.

As more and more brides seek engagement designs with no new mining impact, we've seen a surge in interest for lab-created diamonds. Lab diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, and are graded using the same GIA (Gemological Institute of America) parameters. The main differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds are:

  • Where they are formed
  • How long it takes for them to form
  • Price as a result of the above factors, and general grading
Jessa & Haniwa diamond band

Lab diamonds are formed under engineered circumstances in a lab. Optimal conditions and elements are mimicked to create genuine diamonds in an expedited timeline. Natural diamonds on the other hand are formed deep within the earth's crust over the course of billions of years and are mined. Since lab diamonds and natural diamonds are chemically identical, they have the same durability and both test as genuine stones with standard diamond pen testers. That all said, when you choose a lab diamond engagement ring from Dana Walden, you are getting a jewel with no new mining impact. This is because lab diamonds aren't mined and our fine metals are 100% recycled and sustainable. 

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As a bonus, we've also just released a diamond band that pairs beautifully with our Jessa ring, especially the 1.51ct and 2ct options. Haniwa, pictured above with the 2ct Jessa Oval Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring is available as Ready to Ship in 14K yellow gold. View the Haniwa Product Page.

haniwa diamond band



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