Holiday Shipping Deadlines (Ready to Ship Collection)

Holiday Shipping Deadlines (Ready to Ship Collection)


Handmade engagement rings ship in 2-3 days - DANA WALDEN BRIDAL


For Ready to Ship items, your deadlines for delivery by Christmas are as follows:

  • For Ready to Ship items to be shipped "as is" (that is, there is no re-sizing needed), please make your orders by MONDAY, DECEMBER 20th, 2021. Remember that you can have your rings and jewelry mailed now for surprise holiday proposals, THEN you can redeem your FREE resizing later on. 
  • For Ready to Ship items that DO need re-sizing, please get your orders in by SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 2021. Remember to indicate the size you want in the NOTES field at checkout.

A special thanks to those of you who placed Custom and Special Orders by the November 15th deadline. We appreciate you choosing Dana Walden for this magical time in your lives and can't wait to get your pieces to you!



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