POPULAR | Our Classic Solitaires

POPULAR | Our Classic Solitaires

We've launched quite a few non-traditional engagement rings this season, but our classic solitaires are definitely fan favorites.

Say hello to Astrid, Jessa, and Gracie

Astrid, Jessa, and Gracie engagement rings

Astrid was the first ring Dana ever designed:



This timeless piece was designed back in 2008, when typical solitaires on the market were thick and metal-heavy. Dana set out to refine the design and created a new classic with cleaner lines, a sculpted basket, and a diamond that sits lower on the hand. To this day, Dana keeps an Astrid silhouette on his bench because, in his mind, the ideal ring should be timeless with distinctive details.

Astrid on Dana's hand- Dana Walden Jewelry

Astrid is priced at $3,700 or starting at $139/mo "easy pay." To learn more about Astrid or to make a special order click here. 

Jessa is our popular oval solitaire.

Jessa oval solitaire by Dana Walden Jewelry

Jessa is an elegant oval diamond engagement ring with distinctive touches. Her artfully sculpted double-claws were designed to beautifully emphasize her sparkling center diamond, while her body was designed to be as thin and delicate as possible. This ring is priced at $7,910 or starting at $296/mo "easy pay." To learn more about Jessa, or to place a special order click here.

Gracie is a luxurious solitaire that features "secret diamonds."

Gracie solitaire ring with secret diamonds by Dana Walden Jewelry

Her silhouette is just as a solitaire should be—with an ultra-thin band, 6 sculpted claws and low-profile setting. Dana and Rad added a sprinkle of delicate micro-pavé beneath her center diamond, creating a secret glimmer of light that is discreet and special. This ring is priced at $14,800 or $553/mo "easy pay." To learn more about this ring or to make an order click here.







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