Minimalist Sapphire Engagement Rings

by Tabitha Sukhai

Dana and Rad are jewelers, but did you know that they're also gem collectors with one of the most impressive gem libraries in New York City? Sometimes they tap into that collection of one-of-a-kind gems to create custom pieces for Dana Walden clients. (You can see an example here). Other times, they curate fine gems to create new Ready to Ship offerings like the sapphire petite rings shown here.

Initially, these petite designs were inspired by clients with smaller hands who wanted all of the signature details of a Dana Walden design, in a ring that was more proportionate to their hands. But after a particularly intense and trying year, more and more couples appear to be seeking a new symbol of love that is subtle and artful, packed full of character and distinctive details without being ostentatious. As these designs show, a petite or minimalist engagement ring does not have to skip on being an ornate masterpiece.

This new line of sapphire petite engagement rings all feature super-saturated gemstones in a range of colors, adding to the impact of each piece.Dana Walden Jewelry sapphire engagement ring petites

With these new designs, Dana Walden has created a new kind of luxe engagement ring that's a sign of the times: evocative of hope without being too showy and, of course, ethically handmade made with responsibly-sourced materials by a BIPOC-owned small business.

The Design

Each ring is designed around an exquisite, one-of-a-kind petite sapphire that is intensely hued and rich in color. Deep purple Alessandra, for example, (shown in the center of the stack pictured above) was the first in the series and features a gorgeous 0.61 carat sapphire that glimmers with hues of violet, fuchsia, and mulberry. The rings feature our signature 'ZIA' band with conflict-free diamond accents set in alternating setting styles to create sparkling visual interest at every turn. 

Dana & Rad designed this series especially for clients who are seeking:

  • Intensely-hued, responsibly-sourced sapphires at the center of the ring's design
  • Conflict-free diamond accents
  • Ultra-thin bands
  • Delicate accents
  • Ornate details 
  • Gems under 1ctw

All of the rings in this series were fashioned in 14k yellow gold and feature tiny responsibly-sourced diamonds, each set by hand in a mix of delicate bezels and prongs. Dana added NSEW (North, South, East, West) compass prongs to cradle and emphasize that saturated center stone. Each ring is one of a kind (with only 1 in stock).

Yellow sapphire petite engagement ring by Dana Walden

Amina, our yellow sapphire handmade petite engagement ring is priced at $2800. Learn more.

Aspen blue-green sapphire engagement ring by Dana Walden Jewelry

Aspen is a stunning blue sapphire with sage-green color zones. This petite engagement ring is priced at $2850. Learn more.


To see all of our petites, as well as all of our other Ready-to-Ship handmade designs, please click here.



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