NEW | Sapphire Petites with a Big Impact

It's official: petites are so in. These designs were largely inspired by clients with smaller hands who wanted all of the signature details of a Dana Walden design, in a ring that was more proportionate to their hands. But after a wild year, more and more couples appear to be seeking a new symbol of love: subtle and artful representations that are packed full of character and distinctive details without being too "showy." This new line of sapphire petite engagement rings all feature super-saturated gemstones, handpicked by Dana and Rad themselves. 

Dana Walden Jewelry sapphire engagement ring petites

In the process we created a new kind of luxe engagement ring that's a sign of the times, evocative of hope without being ostentatious and, of course, ecofriendly and ethically made with responsibly-sourced materials.

The Design

Each ring is designed around an exquisite petite sapphire & with our signature 'ZIA' conflict-free diamond band. Dana designed this series especially for clients that are seeking:

  • Intensely-hued, responsibly-sourced sapphires
  • Conflict-free diamonds
  • Ultra-thin bands
  • Delicate accents

Purple Alessandra (shown in the center of the stack pictured above) was the first in the series and features a gorgeous 0.61 carat sapphire glimmers with hues of violet, fuchsia, and mulberry.

All rings were fashioned in 14k yellow gold and pavéd with tiny diamonds, each set by hand in a mix of delicate bezels and prongs. Dana added NSEW compass prongs to cradle and emphasize the center stone.

Each ring is one of a kind.

Yellow sapphire petite engagement ring by Dana WaldenAmina, our yellow sapphire handmade petite engagement ring is priced at $2800. Learn more.

Aspen blue-green sapphire engagement ring by Dana Walden JewelryAspen is a stunning blue sapphire with sage-green color zones. This petite engagement ring is priced at $2850. Learn more.


To see all of our petites, as well as all of our other Ready-to-Ship handmade designs, please click here.



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