Most-Viewed Ready to Ship Engagement Rings

Most-Viewed Ready to Ship Engagement Rings

It has been an exciting month for Dana Walden's Ready to Ship Collection! Breathtaking new designs, as well as signature designs (previously only offered as Special Order) are now available with 2-3 day shipping (or +7 days for resizing if needed). Here are our most-viewed Ready to Ship designs this month (so far).

Please Note: These rings are all one of a kind. There is only one of each of these in stock at the current time. 

September 2021 Ready to Ship Sapphire Rings
This month, Dana & Rad launched a brand new line of museum-quality Sapphire & Platinum designs, featuring gorgeous sapphires from their expertly-curated gem library. Dana Walden collectors and all lovers of fine jewelry will appreciate these luxe ethically handmade investment pieces.
The emerald-cut natural green sapphire featured in the ORAN ring is mesmerizing. This merges a sought after gemstone cut with a breakout color request from worldwide clients: rich, deep green. ORAN is priced at $16,800. View the ORAN Product Page.
PETAL is a thoughtfully designed three-stone ring with a mixed metal setting (Platinum & yellow gold). Part of our Special Order Collection, we created this Ready to Ship version using lab diamonds selected by Rad personally.Dana & Rad have become experts at merging timeless, refined silhouettes with modern lab-grown diamonds for shoppers seeking designs with no new mining impact. PETAL is priced at $12,500. View the PETAL Product Page.
The ALEXANDRA ring is one of our most popular signature designs of all time. Inspired by a ring the designers spied at an auction, Dana Walden sought to balance and refine the classic three-stone ring's design. Very seldom is this ring in stock for shipment in 2-3 days. Today is your lucky day. This ALEXANDRA ring is priced at $4600. -THIS RING HAS SOLD-
The JUNO blue sapphire is unlike anything you've ever seen. Named for " The Queen of the Heavens" the crisp, clear blue of the gemstone is just that, heavenly. JUNO is priced at $15,500. View the JUNO Product Page.

Our Kate round lab diamond solitaire ring is a timeless design, produced with modern ethics. Rad hand-selected a fiery 1.05ct lab-created gem to pair with eco-friendly 14K yellow gold, guaranteeing a piece with no new mining impact. KATE Is priced at $5700. View the KATE Product Page.



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