Looking for a Lab-Grown Diamond Masterpiece

Looking for a Lab-Grown Diamond Masterpiece

This month's Featured Couple was adamant about wanting a lab grown diamond in their engagement ring, but some NYC designers tried to dissuade them. Read more.

Hannah & Craig proposal NYC

"Craig and I met at college in Boston 7 years ago," Hannah shares. "We've called NYC home for the past 4 years, however, my fiancé Craig was recently accepted to a grad program in Washington, so we had to leave despite not wanting to depart from our favorite city."

Hannah & Craig proposal NYC

As a special nod to the place where they started their lives together in NYC, the couple was thrilled to work with New York-based designers Dana Walden Bridal for the creation of their custom oval lab diamond solitaire engagement ring; Hannah knew she wanted a ring with no new mining impact and classic-but-unique design with distinctive prongs.

Jessa engagement ring- Hannah & Craig NYC Featured Couple

"It was extremely important to us to find a diamond that we could be sure was ethically and sustainably sourced. We had been thinking about going with a lab-grown diamond," the couple explained, "but unlike other jewelers who were quick to dissuade us of going that route, Dana and Rad empowered our decision. They understood our priorities and from there, their validation and personalization continued throughout the process."

The Proposal

Hannah & Craig NYC Proposal

Photo: Ash Fox Proposals

Craig proposed to Hannah in beautiful Central Park next to the iconic Bow Bridge, during one of the couple's final weekends in New York City. "It was a great way to go out with a bang and cement one of our happiest chapters together," Hannah said.

Everyone at Dana Walden Bridal wishes you the very best as you begin this journey together. We are honored to have created the perfect ring for you. Wear it in good health!
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