Just the Classics: Wedding Bands, Diamond Solitaires, and More

Just the Classics: Wedding Bands, Diamond Solitaires, and More



With all the trends leaning to non-traditional and bespoke or super-unique designs (of which we have plentydon't you worry), what of shoppers who just want the classics? A plain gold ring like grandma had, or a refined diamond solitaire that's classic; "old" style but built with "new" production ethics?

We've got you covered. Pictured above is Minetta, a simple handmade band with Milgrain details. Available in your choice of fine metal, these bands start at $395 and are made right here in NYC using sustainable materials with no new mining impact. These rings have all the appeal of classic heirloom jewelry, while having minimal negative impact on the earth.

DANA WALDEN has become well known for distinctive designs centered around unique gems (particularly sapphires), but we love our timeless classics, too. Whether you're looking for a conflict-free natural diamond or a lab diamond set in one of our signature solitaire settings, we can help you create a ring that is timeless and ethical.

Pictured above is Bailey, the definition of a classic solitaire, but with the dynamic appeal and thoughtful detail of gorgeous split-claw prongs. The application of minimal but thoughtful design elements allows your handpicked, ethical gemstone to really shine. Rest assured that every gem featured in a handmade DANA WALDEN piece is vetted by Dana & Rad personally. 

Love the look of classic design but prefer the use of guaranteed ethical materials and distinctive design details? Here are some other DANA WALDEN signature favorites to consider:

Our Loring diamond eternity band features 0.41ctw in hand-selected white diamonds and can be made in your choice of sustainable, eco-friendly fine metal. Starts at $1900. 

Nico is a warm, satin finish 4mm band that's so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it. White gold only. $860.
SEE ALSO: Our classic Eldridge band, the quintessential plain gold ring- handmade in NYC using eco-friendly fine metal.
When you picture a classic diamond solitaire, Astrid is what you see. Initially designed to be a balanced, refined, and light version of the metal-heavy solitaire designs prevalent at the time (approximately 10 years ago), Astrid is one of our most sought after designs. A custom notched band (Alma) is available to pair with this ring. Astrid starts at $4600 and is available in all fine metals.
After a few requests for "Astrid with an oval diamond," we added this adaptation to our permanent collection. The Seren oval solitaire features the same elevated profile that really lets light enter the setting from all sides. The same elegant proportions you see in Astrid come into play here. Starts at $5350.
Remember that DANA WALDEN offers diamond re-setting services for ring upgrades or independently sourced gems. Learn more about setting your own diamond.


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