Inspired by an Existing Design, Wes & Arielle Create a Custom Engagement Ring Masterpiece

Inspired by an Existing Design, Wes & Arielle Create a Custom Engagement Ring Masterpiece

While crafting the perfect nature-inspired ring for a Yosemite proposal, Dana & Rad also helped the groom-to-be keep his proposal a surprise. Read more.

Say hello to Arielle & Wes, content creators based in Los Angeles. When they started their online search for an ethical & eco-friendly jeweler to create the perfect bespoke engagement ring, they found Dana Walden. “Learning about Dana & Rad’s own love story was icing on the cake,” said Arielle. “It also made us feel incredibly reassured to know that Dana & Rad voiced their opinions about injustices happening at the time, and so openly supported BLM.”

Dana Walden Chin & Rad Chin of Dana Walden Bridal make a point of representing their diverse generation not only through creating timeless designs in an industry that isn’t particularly known for its diversity, but also by supporting causes that champion inclusivity & equality. This includes, of course, causes related to the ethical production of fine jewelry and the responsible sourcing of every gemstone used in a Dana Walden piece.

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For Arielle & Wes, Dana Walden answered the call for an ethically handmade timeless engagement ring with distinctive design details and a responsibly-sourced, non-traditional gem. “I’ve always thought pink sapphires were romantic and unique, so when we came across Dana & Rad’s Fanetta ring, we were absolutely smitten,” Arielle said. It was the groom-to-be, Wes, who took the design one step further; the couple shares a mutual love of fantasy worlds and nature, so Wes came up with the idea of having the band of the ring resemble a sparkly, intertwining tree branch.


Custom pink sapphire engagement ring with custom band

“If you see a design in our collection that you like,” says Rad, “we are open to modifying that design to turn each ring into something that is a true representation of you.”

The designers are very open to making modifications to their existing designs, while keeping budget, structural integrity and good design top of mind. “Our engagement ring designs are elevated to art through the merging of client and artisan,” explains Dana. “Our clients are among our greatest inspirations.”

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This nature-loving couple made a collaborative effort of designing the perfect ring for them, but with a little help from Dana & Rad, Wes also managed to keep his 2021 proposal at the breathtaking Yosemite National Park a complete surprise.  “Arielle didn’t know that the ring had already shipped when we had our last scheduled phone call [with Dana & Rad right before our trip], so thanks again for helping me sell the surprise," Wes wrote via email.


Wes & Arielle: Featured Couple proposal


Congratulations, Arielle & Wes! We’re so happy that you love your custom ring, and wish you a lifetime of love...and amazing hikes.

-Dana & Rad



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