How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home


Emerald cut diamond solitaire engagement ring

Stone setting techniques have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. In essence, jewelers manipulate precious metal over and around gemstones in a way that optimizes their security and visibility. While DANA WALDEN engagement rings are handcrafted to endure generations, they are not indestructible and like all jewelry, they require some TLC from time to time.

Following our approved care instructions below will help you keep your engagement ring secure and beautiful for years to come.

General Maintenance

  • Do consider making your engagement ring the last thing you put on before you leave the house and the first thing you take off upon arriving home.
  • Don't wear your engagement ring while applying lotions or other beauty products. RELATED: Will Hand Sanitizer Damage My Engagement Ring?
  • Do store your engagement ring in your Dana Walden ring box when you aren't wearing it. 
  • Don't wear your engagement ring during activities that may expose it to harsh chemicals or a hard blow (i.e. sports, gardening, cleaning, etc.)
  • Do clean your ring (using the process shown below), but be sure to use a gentle touch. Avoid at-home ultrasonic cleaners and unnecessarily harsh chemicals & cleaners.
  • Don't remove your ring by pulling at the center diamond or gemstone, which will weaken the prongs over time.  Gently slide it off from the base instead.
  • Don't wear your engagement ring while swimming or showering, as your fingers can shrink in water and chlorine can damage metals used to alloy gold for diamond settings.

How to Clean Your Ring at Home

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Cleaning your engagement ring at home is easier than you may think. Many jewelry lovers think you have to buy special machines and cleaners to get the job done, but the best process is quite simple. Here are the steps.

Step 1. You can clean your ring at home by mixing warm water with a few drops of dish washing liquid in a small bowl. 

Step 2. Let your ring soak for 20-40 minutes. 

Step 3. Using a very soft bristle toothbrush, gently brush behind the stone where grime can collect.

Step 4. PLUG THE DRAIN of your sink then rinse your ring thoroughly.

Step 5. Pat to dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. 

Remember, We're Here For You

We understand that sometimes things happen. If anything happens to your Dana Walden ring, or if you'd just prefer for us to handle the cleaning (annually), please email us at and we'll happily help.

Please note: Any DW warranties are void following cleaning or work by external vendors.



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