How to Clean and Care for Emeralds

How to Clean and Care for Emeralds

Allie Emerald Engagement Ring

Short story when it comes to cleaning emerald jewelry and engagement rings: DON’T OPT FOR ULTRASONIC, STEAM, OR HARSH CHEMICAL CLEANINGS.

Here’s why: Where diamonds are the hardest and most durable precious gem (rated a 10, or the hardest, on the Mohs Scale of Hardness), emeralds are a little different, coming in at a Mohs rating of 7.5 - 8. Rest assured that emerald jewels have indeed been worn for centuries and have lasted as ornamental accents for just as long. In addition to that rich, green color, a huge part of what adds to the visual interest of emeralds are those naturally occurring fractures and fissures that add character to each gem.

Mira and Allie emerald engagement rings by Dana Walden NYC

Those naturally occurring fissures are the same marks of character you want to protect by avoiding common cleaning practices that are applied to super-hard diamonds. 

According to the Gemological Institute of America, about 90 percent or more of emerald gems on the market are fracture filled; this is the common industry-standard practice of treating emeralds with oils or other polymers to gently fill and stabilize those beautiful tiny fissures. Ultrasonic vibrations and extreme heat (steam cleaning) or chemicals can dissolve those polymers in treated gems, and weaken those naturally occurring fissures.

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How to Clean Your Emeralds

Turns out, your best bet for caring for your emerald pieces at home is quite simple: Be mindful of when you wear your ring and build habits that don’t unnecessarily expose your fine jewelry to beauty and skincare products, or household cleaners. Take your ring off when you’re doing stuff around the house and put your ring on only after you’re done getting ready- ideally, just before you actually leave the house/ get started for the day.

To clean your emerald jewelry, use a solution of warm (NOT BOILING) water and a mild soap (a drop of two of regular dish soap should do the trick). Get a soft toothbrush that you can reserve for gentle at-home jewelry cleanings. Soak your ring for just a few minutes and gently scrub with the soft brush. Repeat if needed, then gently dry your ring with a lint-free cloth. Again, avoid any store-bought cleaners or other chemicals you might use for hard diamond jewelry. 

Allie Engagement Rings - Emeralds- Dana Walden

When your ring is not being worn, store it securely in your Dana Walden ring box. Do NOT toss your ring into a jewelry box with other jewelry or store your ring near sinks in the bathroom or kitchen. Such a common practice- but please avoid this if you can.

Here at Dana Walden, we use the most streamlined and secure design practices to ensure we are creating a durable piece of fine jewelry for you. Our Allie design features emeralds surrounded by small diamond accents which inherently serve to protect the emerald stones. Our Mira ready-to-ship engagement ring is bezel set, which allows precious yellow gold to secure and protect those three emeralds.

Our pieces are thoughtfully designed with the security and beauty of the gemstone in mind. That said, be mindful that emeralds require a little more caution than sapphires or diamonds.

Of course, if you have concerns about the care or maintenance of your Dana Walden emerald piece, remember that we are your partners in the care of your one of a kind, handmade piece. Just reach out to us and we will personally help you to assess the situation and address your emerald care concerns. Email us at to start the conversation.



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