How to Care for Micro-Pavé Engagement Rings

How to Care for Micro-Pavé Engagement Rings

Rings with micro-pavé are extremely delicate because we're essentially manipulating very small bits of metal around tiny diamonds- by hand. We've worked for years to perfect our ratio of stone-to-metal, creating rings that are seamless, shimmering, and delicate, yet strong and secure. That said, our micro-pavé diamond rings are still more delicate than rings without these accent diamonds in place. Rings that micro-pavé diamond accents require a lighter touch, paired with a realistic understanding of care and maintenance, and a part of this understanding is accepting that your small diamonds will likely have to be replaced from time to time.

It's difficult to estimate how often a client will need diamond replacement because every person wears their jewelry differently; there is however, a direct correlation between how clean your keep your jewelry, how well you follow our care instructions, and how often you may need repairs. Some of our clients have Dana Walden rings for over 10 years without ever needing a diamond replacement or repair, while other clients request biannual repairs. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it's important that you work with a jeweler who is honest and will partner with you for the lifetime of your ring, as we do with every Dana Walden client. This ensures that your special jewel will continue to be worked on by the very artisans who created it and understand its composition. We will always be as transparent as possible with you, and will always charge a fair & nominal fee for needed repairs and maintenance of all Dana Walden rings.
So, there are 3 major takeaways for lovers of micro-pavé:
  1. Understand that micro-pavé rings are a bit more delicate than rings without, and get your head around the possibility that you may lose a small diamond from time to time. With that in mind, treat your ring with appropriate care.
  2. Keeping your ring clean will reduce the chances your prongs get loose and stones fall out.
  3. Work with your jeweler for regular professional cleanings and repairs of your engagement ring to prevent issues with your micro-pavé ring.
Read more about diamond replacement, ring cleaning and other micro-pavé concerns in Micro-Pavé Engagement Ring Information.


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