The Importance of Ethical Fine Jewelry Production at Dana Walden

The Importance of Ethical Fine Jewelry Production at Dana Walden

by Tabitha Sukhai

Earth Day is April 22nd, but every day is Earth Day at Dana Walden. We believe that timeless and artfully distinctive fine jewelry can be achieved responsibly. Most modern consumers don't want to have to wear ethical blinders whenever they put on their favorite piece of jewelry- and when you choose a Dana Walden piece, you can rest assured that you won't have to.

Dana and Rad Chin - Dana Walden Jewelry

Dana Walden Chin and Rad Chin have a long but "modern" professional history in the jewelry industry. In a sea of unapologetically luxe-first brands, Dana and Rad prioritize an innovative approach to design through the lens of a truly timeless & luxe aesthetic that is also balanced and refined. As a BIPOC-owned, woman-led small business, chances are good that Dana and Rad share a few of your concerns about the state of the world in 2021. To be sure, on a micro level, they also share your concerns regarding responsible gem and fine metal sourcing. Dana and Rad have a meaningful grasp on the issues and concerns with jewelry production processes and seek to work to set an example for correcting those issues.


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Jessa Engagement Ring- Oval Diamond Solitaire

Dana Walden Bridal/ Dana Walden Jewelry is a small business that operates with an extreme level of transparency and responsibility. Despite growth of the company over the years, Dana and Rad are determined to leverage their trusted network of vendors and years of know-how to personally source the perfect gems for you, while utilizing sustainable metals that have no new mining impact.

Sapphire gemstones with jewelry tweezers and loupe- Dana Walden Studio

That's right, Dana and Rad personally vet and verify every gem (lab diamond, natural diamond, sapphire, or otherwise) that is placed into every ethically handmade Dana Walden engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry. They make the personal effort to ensure due diligence is done so that every Dana Walden client has a piece they can wear with confidence. "We acknowledge that the current system of diamond processing and metal sourcing is not perfect," Dana says. "But we are still very committed to creating jewelry in the most ethical manner possible, while supporting charities and organizations that promote positive changes and prevent abuses in our industry, while also protecting the environment."

Rad wearing Bali Purple Sapphire ring - Dana Walden Jewelry

Dana Walden Jewelry brings a fresh, aware, and inclusive/ diverse design perspective to the fine jewelry industry, while honoring and respecting the importance of heirloom-worthy treasures that can stand the test of time. From day one, Dana Walden has only used conflict-free diamonds from Kimberley Process-compliant vendors. Other precious gemstones, including Dana Walden's impressive Gem Library of sapphires, are also responsibly sourced from a reliable network of trusted vendors.

Anastasia floral diamond halo engagement ring

But Dana Walden doesn't stop there: We also use eco-gold and eco-platinum from melted down, already existing supplies to the furthest extent possible. By using recycled metal we help to decrease the global demand for newly-mined gold and any negative impact that comes along with it.


"Our goal is to create a meaningful, well-designed, and traceable piece that you can truly feel good about wearing every single day."

-Rad Chin


Malia lab diamond engagement ring- Dana Walden

To add to our efforts in serving modern jewelry lovers seeking ethical pieces, we've recently expanded our offerings to include lab diamond engagement rings. Lab-grown diamonds paired with sustainable fine metals means that you can have a signature Dana Walden engagement ring that has no new mining impact, guaranteed.


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Made in NYC

Dana Walden Jewelry Studio in NYC

In keeping with our ethical commitment, 100% of our jewelry is responsibly and ethically handcrafted in NYC. We do not engage in overseas production and everyone involved in our supply chain earns a generous living wage. 

We believe in full transparency with every client. If you have any questions regarding any of the production practices mentioned here we'll happily answer them. Ask us during your studio appointment or email us at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.



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