DW Trends 2022: Pear-Shaped Diamonds

DW Trends 2022: Pear-Shaped Diamonds
Shown: Our Petal ring is currently available as Ready to Ship with lab diamonds! This means you can have the ring shown here in your hands in just 2-3 days. Re-sizing is available, but it will take an additional 7 days.

For 2020-2021, engagement rings with oval gems were on parade. In fact, most of our custom requests were for oval designs and the Jessa oval solitaire remains one of our most popular signature designs. As we round out the year, however, custom requests for pear-shaped diamonds and gemstones are on the rise among our clients.

Shown: Our Ananda three-stone ring is a special order ring that takes 3-6 weeks to fabricate.

You could say that after a period of getting a bad rap for being "teardrop" shaped (and, as such, "bad luck" by the most superstitious shoppers), people are now beginning to appreciate the artistic potential of timeless pear-shaped gems again. Can't decide between an angular look (emerald or square-shaped cut) and a classic round? Pear-shaped gems are sort of a combination of both, while having the same "oval" characteristic of elongating fingers and making hands appear more graceful.

Shown: This is our Margot pear-shaped lab diamond solitaire with our Haniwa band. Both of these rings are Ready to Ship now, which means they will ship in 2-3 days. There is only one of each ring in stock.

The perfect gem shape for brides seeking a non-traditional and artistic engagement ring design, pear-shaped diamonds have amazing sparkle and light play. The gems' display the best characteristics of angular marquise-cut gems and brilliant round gems, nodding to tradition while having an edgy appeal. 

Shown: This is our Etta engagement ring with diamond halo. This was a custom creation that can be re-created by request. It will take about 3-6 weeks to fabricate.

If you're concerned about the security and stability of wearing a design with a gemstone that comes to a point, be aware that there are design solutions to help your piece stay safe and secure. A seamless halo, V-prong at the tip, or bezel setting that goes around the entire perimeter of the gem are visually stunning ways to make sure your gem is protected. And, make sure the ratio of your pear is not to skinny (or to portly for that matter, unless that's the look you really, really want).



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