DW Trends 2022: NSEW Prongs

DW Trends 2022: NSEW Prongs

It's all in the details with a handmade, one of a kind Dana Walden Bridal engagement ring. Every design is timeless and heirloom-worthy, created to be a beauty for generations to come. But, Dana Walden settings are distinctive in addition to being classic, with thoughtful details incorporated to every single piece. Among the favorite features of Dana Walden rings, elevating every piece from fine jewelry to art, are:

  • French-cut details
  • Seamless diamond halos
  • Clean hand set micro pavé
  • Unique gemstones (cut/ color)
  • and, of course, those prongs

Flawless clawed and split-claw prongs give many Dana Walden designs a truly finished, elegant and graceful look- perfectly accenting the brilliant gemstones hand selected for each piece. This year we saw a great deal of interest in custom pieces (and ready to ship rings) with NSEW, that is "North, South, East, West" or "compass" prongs. This prong design creates a striking and unexpected detail in our handmade pieces; standard prongs are more commonly positioned in a "box" style on the upper and lower corners of the gem.

Our FAWN champagne diamond engagement ring features a breathtaking Australian diamond, set in Dana's proprietary rose gold. The Dana Walden rose gold alloy is designed to be less "pink" than mass market rose gold, so it complements a wider range of skin tones and can be worn easily by both men and women.
Our entire line of ornate Minimalist Sapphire Engagement Rings are designed with compass prongs and an exclusive band design. Shown above is ANAIS.
The KATE lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring is a true classic. Featuring a round brilliant lab diamond, you can have brilliant beauty and an astounding value with this selection.
SARAI is a gray diamond masterpiece set in rose gold. This cluster is a popular Dana Walden design, thanks to meticulously designed cluster accents and those amazing compass prongs.
All of the rings shown above are ready to ship (ship in 2-3 days) at the time of this posting. Deadline to order for Christmas delivery is 11 PM Eastern on December 20th.


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